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This is a thought exercise, I just hammered out a few ideas onto Word

Don't judge me but I think I may be different.
Different to you anyway, I have needs which are not like yours and vice versa.
I play, you play, but not the same. I read, you read, but not like the other.
Why are we so opposed, so different so opposite?
Is it rational? I do not know.
Do you know? I wonder if even our perception of this is the same?
Do you wonder where the lines are crossed and where they stay apart? Or do you not?
Do you notice it? Do you even think there is differences, oddities about me?
Do you think "that girl is odd", or "funny" or "nothing like me"?
Do you even care?
This is the road that my mind goes down every day, like a narrative of confusion, despair and apathy.
Every. Single. Day.

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