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Fits me to a tee, HAHA

Her name was Hanna, she lived all alone
her husband was departed her children were gone
she had a one-eyed dog and three-legged cat
a cow named Bessie who wore a blue hat
she sang in the choir with old man Brown
he was a preacher from way cross town

After church Sunday dinners, they always talked
when it turned dusk, they often walked
down by the river where wildflowers grow
what they did there, no one knows
they say Hanna was ninety, the preacher eighty
he was a gentleman, but she was no lady

When they returned with their clothes all askew
people in the town were sure they knew
Hanna's hat was off, her dress awry
the preacher's jacket was crumpled and not very dry
her hair had fallen all out of place
both were blushing, red in the face

the preacher said thank you and went on his way
see you next Sunday was all Hanna could say
so do you know what went on in the woods
did Hanna ask the preacher to deliver the goods
did they have a thing for each other
was old lady Hanna the preacher's lover

People will whisper and many will talk
but none will ever know the reason for that walk
Hanna’s back in her house without any temptations
for preacher Brown showed her the way to salvation

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