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You know it is true.

Quite a laughing sight to see, yard sale shopping, mom, sis and me unlike anything you've ever seen, without a doubt we are the queens
every Saturday morning out the door by eight, gotta hurry can't be late
eyes wide open for signs on poles, nailed on trees, letters so bold

Nothing or no one gets in our way, we mean business on yard sale day
off to the right a sign appears, mom yells stop, right now, right here
first one out she heads for the gate, opens a box and finds a plate
Yellow sale sign by the U-Haul on the street, it's a moving sale, how neat

Across the yard I spot a chair, a 4-drawer dresser and a bear
roses of blue on a table in a vase, sis has a doll with a clown face
dresses of every color and shape, mom is ready with measuring tape
shoes and purses box upon box, gloves and belts, slips and socks

Antique jewelry, American flag, seems kinda strange there are no tags
lipsticks. perfumes, hats of red, scarfs and bonnets to fit my head
everything gathered we get ready to go, mom stops and yells, oh no!
she drops her bags at her feet, this is not the sale, it's across the street!!!!

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