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From a different point of view {299 words}

You would think after four years of prom nights I would give up, but no, not I. Every year I get dressed up and go to the prom with no date. I never get asked to dance and without a date I certainly don't want a picture of me alone. So, I just stand around and look at all the beautiful decorations. Everything looks so pretty.

The big arch stands just inside the doors. It is covered in red and white streamers and bows. Red streamers hang from the ceiling and pedestals of white balloons line the walls. The tables are covered with white cakes with red decorations on top. Sandwiches and sodas are all lined up. The band is playing my favorite song, "You are so beautiful to me." I hum along as they announce the prom king and queen. The boys are dressed in white tuxes and the girls have lovely red gowns on. It is simply amazing to watch.

As the clock strikes midnight, I feel like Cinderella, who had to leave the ball to soon. As everyone leaves, I am left alone in a room that is empty once again.

The doors open and the balloons and streamers are gone. The arch has been taken away. The prom is over. How sad I feel inside, but I must continue on with everyday things. I heard they are already planning next year's prom. I can hardly wait to get all dressed up again. I wonder what color my gown will be.

Prom night is my favorite event of the year. Why you ask? Because it is the only time an old gymnasium like me can turn a wooden floor and four bare walls into a wonderful memory that will be remembered forever by all, even me.

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