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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2281614
Only for you
I am lost within your eyes
Deep liquid pools of emotional depth
Connecting two souls across time and space
In this place
This new beginning
Where light and shadow touch to create a spark

Beauty illuminates the darkness that had once descended
Colours dance upon the walls as the ancient healers come to life
Come ablaze to dance for us
Encircling us in a trance meant solely for those who are connected
In ways incomprehensible to modern consciousness

In time, you will know the depths of my soul
And how profound my love, my feelings
My entire being is for you
Only you.

You are the only one who can fill this longing I have inside
This warm glowing light holds a space for you
Inside my heart, inside my soul
It burns for you
With heat
With passion
With unending love
In ways I can't fully express through words
I can only show you through my touch
Through the connectivity of energy
Transcending this world and into other realms
Of being, of knowing, of understanding

My memory burns with the impressions you left upon my soul
From the first time we met, we spoke, our eyes locked
Your touch ignited my soul and illuminated my world
You brought colour back into a life
That was full of grey and empty blandness
And I took that, I kept it with me
I have carried it with me for all of these years.

Through shared experiences
I gave some of myself to you
But I could not give myself completely to you then.
I was not ready, not mature
I was still healing
And I could not speak of it all openly and honestly to you

But I am ready now.
I am ready to be fully and completely yours
In mind, body, and soul
To be yours physically, spiritually, emotionally
In conjunction with the tree of life that emerged so long ago
It's branches forming and reaching out
Connecting old souls lost over time as the world spirals out
Instilling inside each one the origin
The memory of who we belong to
And where our souls and love began

Intertwined upon that tree are you and I,
Connected by the threads of fate
That weave our stories together upon the tapestry of life

I will wait here for you, and only you
Until the end of time, I wait.
Patiently. With love.
Find me.
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