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You cheated on another set of woman.
After you were kidnapped by the girls you cheated on, you went back to being the same scumbag you were before. Cheating on women and moving onto the next.

It didn't take long before Angie was on your case. She found out about who you had cheated on. She got in contact and got them on her side.

You had gotten so Cockey that you didn't change your route. Therfore they had no trouble kidnapping you again.

They took you back to the same place you were punished before they tied you up.

"Well well well look who didn't heed the warning." The room filled with the laughter of the girls you had cheated on.

"Looks like we're getting our feet pamperd girls" the girls cheered as the first one sat above you.

It was a girl named Madison. She took her shoes off revealing her feet coverd in dirty black socks. She lowerd them onto your face.

You felt as her dirty moist socks touch your face. You took a small sniff from her smelly socks, inviting their revolting odors into your nose.

The girls watched and snickerd at you while watching Madison rest her stinky feet on your face.

As you took another quick sniff from her dusty socks. The smell of bitter vinegar stinging your nose.

"Come on take deeper breaths I can barely feel any air going through my socks."

You took deeper breaths as she scrunched her toes around your nose. She raised her feet leaving her heels on your chin.

"Such a good foot sniffer now that your breathing. Look at how dirty my socks are." She said before takeing them off. She hoverd the toe ends over your nose. "I have an idea I'll stick these in your mouth then I'll have clean socks you have to breathe through that nose and you can't talk prefect open up!" She said as she hover her dirty sweat soaked socks over your mouth.

You refused her wants causing her to move her foot to your crotch. "Wanna open up now?" She asked before applying a bit of pressure.

You opend your mouth soon after. "Here comes the dirty sock train Choo Choo." She teased as she dropped her dirty dusty socks into your mouth. She then taped it shut.

With this she lowered her sweaty bare feet onto your face.

She grabbed your nose with her toes spreading them wide to release the stench of her feet right under your nose.

You took hard deep sniff from Madisons reeking toes your eyes watering from the stink.

"Thats it really smell my feet it's all you deserve after cheating on me." She said before pushing hard against your nose.

She released her grasp over your nose, before grabbing one of her old dirty shoes. She turnd it over and put the opening over your nose.

The stale scent of dry foot sweat enterd your nose as the girls giggled at the sight of her shoe over your nose.

She made you sniff her other sweaty shoe before somebody else took over.

The next girl was named Rynlee.

She slipped her sandals off before placing her bare feet over your face.

Luckily for you with her shoes being open they didn't stink nearly as bad as the other girls. Her feet also didn't have a definite reek to them they were just really sweaty.

You took good whiffs of her smelly feet as she proceeded to rub and wipe her sweaty feet all over your face.

The girls laughed as they watched her rub her feet all over getting you to smell every part of her feet.

You sniffed her heels her arches the balls of her feet and in-between each of her long sweaty toes.

"Thats it sniff my sweaty toes I could get used to this. Having the guy who cheated on me inhaling the smell of my gross feet." She said as she started scratching you with her long toenails.

She grabbed one of her sandals showed you the blackend the sole was. She put your nose on the fithy toe spreader. The girls roared with laughter as they watched you sniff it. toe jam coverd it in layers.

"Don't worry you can lick that up later." She said before letting the last new person take over.

Her name was Lilly she took one of her old dirty converse off and, placed one foot on your face.

As her dirty crusty sweaty sock makes touch down on your face, you pulled in a large sniff.

You gagged on her vinegary smelling sock, causing laughter all throughout the room.

"That bad huh and I thought my feet were stinky." Angie commented as she watched you smell lillys dirty sock.

"How bout we get both my feet in here" Lilly said before removing her other shoe.

Her other socked foot slowly lowerd as you breathed in the pungent odors of the one covering your nose.

With both her smelly feet recling on your face your only source of air was the hot stinky air trapped in the moist fabric of her socks.

"Ohhh these socks stink I can smell them from here. Shouldn't have cheated on me.

Lilly took her gross crusty socks off planted them across your nose before ripping the tape off your mouth.

You breathed hard from the pain of her ripping the tape. Forcing the stink of her sweaty socks deep into your lungs.

When you calmed down Lilly grabbed her sweaty socks and lowerd them slowly toward your mouth.

You watched as her toxic black socks lowerd toward your mouth, dripping sweat onto your tongue. As the foul odor of dirty socks got closer her socks finally were in your mouth.

They taped them in before Lilly rested her feet on your face.

Her sockless feet were coverd in sweaty dirt that she was now dripping off the bottoms of her feet.

Her toes played with your nose for the most part she even wanted help.

"Angie can I see one of your socks?" She asked as she grabbed your nose with her sweaty slick toes. "Sure What do you need them for?" She asked as she pulled one of her socks off from her smelly foot.

She grabbed her sock and rang it out over your nose. As sweat landed in and around your nose you were reminded of how bad Angie's feet sweat and stink.

With this she shoved your nose back between her toes and placed the sock over her toes.

The reek that enterd your nose was the worst thing you had to smell that night so far. The company of Lillys nasty dirty smelly feet and Angies eye watering reek coming from her socks was revolting.

"Here's the real stinker this is what makes my feet smell oh so awful. It's what makes them so dirty and sweaty." She said as she grabbed her convese

She opend them up and shoved your nose down the opening. Her shoes were very humid and moist.

As you took a sniff of her shoe a musty sweaty stink enterd your nose. As she shoved your nose deeper into her foot wear the stench became more dirty smelling.

"How's my gym shoe smell or rather how dose it stink?" Lilly said before takeing her shoe off your nose.

With all the new girls feet sniffed Angie and Katie decided to make you smell their feet together.

Takeing their shoes and socks off they played around they put one foot on your face asking if you felt stepped on.

They used your face as a welcome mat wiping their sweaty feet all over you one would always keep a foot covering your nose for you to smell while the other would wipe the dirt and sweat off on you.

After Katie and Angie had their fun they all removed their shoes and their stinky feet began piling themselves around your face.

All you felt were moist soles and toes. The rancid stench of boiling vinegar and moldy cheese left to melt in the sun evaded your nose as you took a deep breath.

Eventually they went back to doing it one at a time Madison took Lillys socks out of your mouth. Replacing it with one of Angie's.

With this she relaxed and placed her feet back onto your face.

She sighed as she felt you take a long cooling sniff from her hot sweaty soles.

As you took in more of the revolting smell you were finaly used to the stench.

As Madison left Rynlee took over not with her feet but she wanted you to clean her sandals.

She pulled Angie's sock out of your mouth before placing her sandle up to your mouth.

"Lick my gross sandal." She commanded

You brought your tongue out and licked fast to get it over as fast as possible. Despite this the taste was the most sour dirty Goss thing theyade you do. You would have rather sucked the sweat out of all their socks.

After you finally cleaned her sandals up Lilly walked up to get her feet sniffed again.

She removed her humid shoes before stepping all over you.

The girls giggled as they watched her walk around you while placing her foot on your face.

Aa she walked around you placing her foot on your face before removing it and making another lap as you sniffed her sweaty stinky soles as she walked around you, she loved the thought of being able to step on you.

She then put both feet on your face and stood on top of you Her toes covering your nose.

With her full bodyweight on top of you you were in agony but Lilly kept her balance and just wiggled her toes while you groaned and sniffed them.

"How's it feel to be completely below be asshole? You're no better then the mat I wipe my shoes with."

She said as she got off your face.

"for now you go but you will be back to sniff our feet. Consider yourself our foot slave." Angie said as she cut you free.

And if I were unfortunate enough to be you I would not cheat again, It will just be another pair of stinky feet for you to sniff.

To the laughter of the girls you left feeling worse then ever.

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