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story of creation, fall, redemption
A little white lie told so long ago
What a mess was made
What history may have been
These moments shall never fade

A serpent, so cunning, told a lie
the woman, naive, was enchanted
You can trust me, the evil devised
and the seeds of doubt were planted

You shall not die, that is the truth
Why would I lie to you?
I know, but - the woman protested
She should have thought things through

You've got to me believe me he crooned
And with that, she heartily agreed
The woman took and she ate
Giving in to her greed

The die was now cast
The Fall was completed
From the garden banished
Eternal life was cheated

Thank goodness the story
Does not end there
Our lives have been redeemed
With a love beyond compare

So we may once again
Have a garden to obtain
Trusting in our Lord and
With him we shall reign

28 lines

Written for Writer's Cramp for Sept 26, 2022

Write a story or poem about a little white lie that causes a strange chain of events.
Include the following words in bold:
You can trust me. -
That is the truth. -
Would I lie to you? -
I know, but-
You've got to believe me.
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