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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Old Lady Tales

Walking home from the store, the street I usually walked on was blocked due to a water main break. Not happily I turned to go all the way around to get back to my street.

I hadn’t been around here in years, it had changed. Some different stores, they opened the wide sidewalk, and were apparently allowing street musicians and such to perform there!

Getting close, I could hear music, and toots from a horn. As the crowd opened, I saw a clown performing. This one looked harmless, however I had been terrified of clowns as a child and was not all that excited about them now.

I stood watching from afar. Silly thing, dressed in baggy clothes, a purple nose and juggling, of course, a lemon, a red ball and a green plastic frog. I almost laughed at the juggling, until I saw that it was a real frog!

Now my dander was up! How dare anyone be so careless with a living creature! I stormed over. Grabbed the poor frog away from him, and gave him a piece of my mind!!

Everyone cheered! They thought I was part of the act! Well, except the clown. As the people put money in his basket, and left, I stood there still, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly the clown was next to me, “It’s not a real frog... I promise.” He whispered in such a sweet voice.

I looked at the frog, very soft plastic. Then embarrassed, I looked up into the sweetest smiling eyes.

That’s how I met Hank, and that’s how I became part of his act several times a week. Sure beats sitting at home like the lonely old lady I used to be!

Not to mention, I’ve finally gotten over my fear of clowns!

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