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who knows what you'll find
Going through the papers *Scroll*
of my grandmother's attic
Clues of my ancestry dusty *Wind*
Emptying boxes
Sorting out pictures *BookOpen*
The air about me is musty

I can hardly believe my eyes *Shock2*
I am thrown for a loop
I sit down in quite the quandary *Thinker*
Thinking I'm of the earth, quite human
Turns out I'm an unworldly alien *Alien*
And on our heads there's a bounty

Try as I may, these unearthed facts *QuestionGr*
I cannot just ignore
How do I address these questions
My family's gone *Grave*
Who do I turn to
I really have no suggestions *Puzzle1*

How do you tell anyone
That you're not of this world *Earth*
You'd wind up in a loony bin *Crazy*
So I guess this secret
Will go to my grave *Grave2*
I shall take it on the chin

24 lines

September 27 is "Ancestor Awareness Day" - so write your STORY or POEM about your character discovering some surprising information about an ancestor while working on their family tree. You must use "Family Secrets" as the title of your static item - and use Genealogy as one of your genres
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