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Never had a sour banana. You?
Why does this banana taste sour?

"I have something to tell you", she told me, one boring and hot afternoon.

I stop and wonder what it is. As I ask her in curiosity, "What is it? Just text it to me.".

"Sorry but it has to be at the party"

As she runs off, with the wind on the bottom of her feet.

I stare in delight, it is time. Personally I never had the courage to ask her out myself. I was afraid what the outcome would be, what our relationship would be after rejection, and so many other possible outcomes that would happen. But that all changes tonight, tonight will be the last day that I stand in longing for her. Tonight is the night.

Personally I didn't want to go to the party. I would much rather spend my night sitting on the couch, spending my night on my phone. But tonight will be different.

"I have to prepare"

I spend all my time preparing my clothes, preparing my dance moves, and preparing myself. I can't mess this up. I get in the shower and dress myself according to the theme. As the clock strikes, 7:36, it is getting late. I jump into my car with hased. As I drive across the starry night. I get out of my car, and see her. The party was at motion. The thundering of the band fills my chest with courage.

I fixed myself up one last time.


You would walk in, and feel the heat radiating from the clammy people. I pass through all the drunken people, coming from the bar. As the massive room, with the music roaring, as it echoes through every corner in the room. The lights blinds, me, the colorful rays, lights up the dance hall. Neatly decorated table sectioned in rows, as the people sit, talking. I spot her sitting by herself, as I pass through everyone. Her face lights up like a christmas tree, and her smiles beams brighter than any light present.

"Hello", she said.

"Hi, sorry i got here so late, the traffic was insane", there was no traffic that night.

"Oh it is no it is fine", she responded to my lie.

"What are we waiting for, this is a party!' as she swifty grabs my hand and drags me to the dance floor.

As the rhythm of the song sways us back and forth. I think of nothing, she is controlling the movements right now, and I won't fight it. As the smell of lavendor comes from her, and fills my mind.

After a moment of dancing, I finally asked her, "So what did you want to talk about?".

She responded in a glee, "Are you going to join the writing club?".

I froze, the music, the dancing, the noise, and the chatting. All stop, I asked her again, "sorry i didn't hear you".

"Are you joining the writing club?" she responded with hast.

"No sorry. I got to step out real quick. My asthma is acting up, I will be back in a bit.", was it a lie? No, but it had to step out. As the music, dancing, the noise, and the chatting continues.

The cold winter night, hugs my warm radiating body. As a taste of sourness fills my mouth. My body starts to naturally move on its own. Am I allowed to feel sour? I make sure that I don't set my boundaries, because I don't want to be that guy. I perfectly understand not being liked by someone, is okay. But this taste of sourness won't leave my mouth. Why would she bring me to a party for such a stupid question. As the lonely moon stares at me, and my failure, but I understand. Maybe I did something wrong, maybe I was too pushy, maybe I needed this. I reach my blue car. As I get in, and drive off.

This leads me to my current position. Thinking to myself in a lone, dark, empty room. Maybe this was meant to happen. Maybe I am a horrible person making it about myself. But my brain can't wrap around why she wanted me to go to a party. I think it is time for me to stop feeling for her. I sit in front of my window, staring at the cold night.

Wondering why this banana tastes sour.

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