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This piece is about pain in my life and just trying to survive.
I was not always this way
Was not born perfect,
Running and stumbling through life with bruises
Carrying these battle scars like armor
Crying inside to be released from this pain

Why can't I fit in,
Why can't I just be normal
Is that even a thing "Normal"
Or it it a word used like a weapon
Cutting a person deep
While the world watches the blood flow to your feet

Life is evil
Throwing curve balls left and right
Sinking your battle ship when you don't know how to swim
Leaving you broken and unable to move
Radiating pain from your head to your toes

You try anything to numb the pain
The sound of glass tapping glass is pure joy
Liquid rushes and burns going down
Soon you feel nothing and relaxation sets in

Day in and day out your cocktails heals
As long as you drink pain doesn't exist
You go throughout the days medicated
Wearing masks to move through the world
No one see the real you

Soon the numbness wears off and pain spreads
No matter how much you drink you slowly die
Pain can not be controlled
It will get you every time
Like a landmine it blows up your life.

At a point you start to realize you can't hide
No more Numbing, no more function
Face the pain, remove the mask
Show your flaws
Expose your true self

You have to talk but there are no words
Scared about the journey
Hoping for the best
Spill your emotions, watch your story unfold

Like a river flooding the earth
You feel the rush of peace
Like a volcano
You erupt covering the world with truth
People see you now

No longer buried, no longer dead
You slowly admit you have problems
Cold turkey no more liquid courage
Just simply you

Facing the darkness
You shake, cry, and beg
But this time you are not alone
You see the support lost from before.

Each day a battle
But you wear your Armour and stand tall
One moment in time is all you need to feel whole
Doing your best to stay in the light
Because it is in the darkness you will lose this fight.
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