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by Aaa
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Explanation for my absence
To any potential fans of my work, if any exist, you probably noticed at some point I stopped updating my stuff and wasn't online in a long time. One of the major reasons is that I struggled with writers block a lot and contemplated quitting the website due to it. The other is that my computer simply stopped working, and with some family out of work and at home, it was hard to find private time with a computer and will likely continue to struggle to find that time.

I plan to come back and do work, when possible, but if you're a fan of anything I write, just be aware I could be gone a while again. If you're like me, and you hate clicking on various stories or branches, only to find they are abandoned, don't be afraid to write your own stuff and write the story you want, and that includes anything I've written. Even if I'm not gone, you should expand on stuff I and others have written. Expand abandoned paths or write new ones that were never picked up.

With any luck, I can scrounge up money somewhere, somehow, for a brand-new laptop. Until then, don't be surprised if you see my stuff hasn't had anything new in ages. I also want to make it clear in case you're only some lurker stumbling on my profile, that my writing style can be choppy and rough at times. I'm quite new at writing, and quite honestly, with interacting with people outside my family. I don't have the greatest grasp on how real conversations go, so I apologize if things feel forced or awkward.
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