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by Jacky
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The Birthday Lesson

My first bicycle! I was so excited! Of course, I knew how to ride one already, I had borrowed everyone else’s for years since I’d actually learned to ride. Nineteen fifty-six, I was eight.

We lived on a long street with sidewalks. Driving down to pick it up I could barely stay in my seat! My birthday surprise! At lunch they’d all gathered around, Mom brought the cake. I LOVE cake. But presents are pretty neat too! Unless you are a girl who was definitely a tomboy (probably still am...)

My older sister gave me clothes, a new dress, and shiny shoes. Boring. Of course, in that day and age, girls were not allowed to wear pants. We were lucky to get away with shorts in the summer! The younger kids gave me toys and I could tell they picked them out themselves because as soon as I opened them, the sib who gave it to me took it over. I also got a ring, from Gramma. Now that was sweet, I cherish it still.

The cake was yummy, but I was a tad disappointed until the “Surprise!” Mom came walking in with a picture of a bike all ready to pick up downtown!

Awesome! Plus, I got to ride it home! I was in Heaven! My own bike! Mom told me to stay ahead of the car so she could watch me, and I did, all the way. But I was pretty excited, and there was no other traffic on the whole street... so I weaved back and forth, well ahead of Mom’s car, mind you, in ecstasy over my very own bike!

I lost it for two whole weeks for being careless on the street... A Birthday lesson, unfortunately, and still painful to remember to this very day.
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