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Sam Adams Last Days for Twisted Tales

Sam Adam’s Last Days

Sam Adams was a paranormal researcher for the Cosmos Institute in Berkeley, California. One day Jake Adams his 105 years great uncle died. Sam was listed as his next of kin as Jake’s wife, and children had died in a mysterious fire decades ago. Jake left him an old, haunted mansion in Eagle Creek, Oregon near Medford. Sam had grown up there, had moved to the Bay Area after college, and had not been back. Too many sad memories as he had grown up in a dysfunctional family.

He went to the house with his boss, the mysterious Maria Lee, because the will left him with a safe containing the infamous
Necronomicon which was a book that would allow one to summon up demons from another dimension. The rumor was that Jake’s wife and children had died in an occult experiment that went awry.

Obtaining a copy of the (Necronomicon was one of Maria’s obsessions. Having a copy of that book would allow her to summon members of her species from deep in space from the Sirius star system to come back to earth and start an intergalactic invasion.

They got to the house and did a quick inventory, lots of rare old books that might be worth something, some ancient fading photos, and mysterious memorabilia also worth something Maria said.

They found the safe, and Maria, and Sam attempted to open it. He gave up, and said,

“We need a locksmith, if not a safecracker.”

Maria smiled,

“I know just the man. Used to work with him back when I was a spook. He can open any safe. May take a few days to get him here. In the meanwhile, why don’t we go to Crater Lake, and the Oregon coast as this is my first trip to your home state.”

They went to the coast, and crater lake, and their relationship changed from boss, and subordinate to lover over the weekend. Much to his surprise, and hers.

A few days later, they met Mr. Smith who was a strange-looking man, who had a “pan-ethnic” look and could be from almost any ethnic group, but he was a bit off. Maria introduced him as her cousin. Sam noticed the resemblance as Maria also had that “pan-ethnic” look as well.

Mr. Smith said,

“It may take a while. Why don’t you go have a steak dinner in town, and bring me back a steak as well, and a six-pack of Oregon beer? When you get back I should have this baby jacked open.”

When they returned they found Mr. Smith chanting verses from the Necronomicon A portal opens, and Maria and Mr. Smith began conversing in an alien tongue with reptilian-looking aliens on the other side of the door. They walked through the door, and Sam was surrounded by 25 aliens.

Maria and Mr. Smith had turned into aliens as well. Maria said,

“Sam, I like you but I am a member of an alien race that has been here since Atlantis waiting for the moment we could re-establish this wormhole to our home world. We will open more wormholes, and the invasion will begin soon. If you join our cause, I will let you live, and we can still be lovers. If not, well I will have to kill you right now. Nothing personal, just business. I am sure you understand,

Sam smiled, and said,

“Sure, I will join you.”

Mr. Smith said

“Sorry, Sam but we can’t accept that. Maria is a race traitor for her liaison with you. You both have to die.”

and shot them both dead.

The end

from Fan Story prompt:

Use the following sentence to inspire you for this challenge: “We're going to have to find a locksmith.” . . . Write a flash fiction piece (1,000 words or less with a beginning, climax, and satisfying ending), a short-short (the fun piece that has no requirements or restrictions), OR just use it as a jumping-off point. You may use the sentence exactly as it appears, edit it, or merely use it for your theme. Good luck, and have fun! **WELCOME to all New Members!!**
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