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The falling of a girl from grace to her landing in the hand's of Satan. 36 lines. Rhymes.
Without your love that shone so bright,
The sun failed to shine his golden light,
On my life, my love and day.
Without your glory, ever growing, in my eyes,
The stars no longer marked the midnight skies,
To help me find my way.

As all the faithful do, on their aching knees,
I prayed to you, He who we all live to please,
To ask that I'd be saved that day.
I thought you were the mighty one above
Who'd fill my heart and life with love,
To be a guide to help me find my way.

And though my knees had burned with pain,
I swore my faith in you would never drain,
As I prayed the length of night and day.
I said I'd never stir or stand,
'til I felt your warm and gentle hand,
Showing me the way.

But that was when my eyes were blind,
And fear controlled my life and mind,
For sin to never mark a day.
Now no clearer could it be,
That the demons living in the sea,
Are the gods who'll help me find my way.

As they did, I forged my pain to iron armory,
I found all the answers in the art of sorcery,
With magic there is no need to pray all day;
No need to grow your faith and watch it dim,
No need to ever bend a knee to Him,
To save yourself and find your way.

The devil's lips we shall only kiss,
My heart and soul are always his,
To enlighten my life, my love and day;
With all the angels, who with Satan fell,
Into the burning caves of hell,
I found the flame with which to light my way.
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