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Here's my issue with you, Dad.
"I honestly don't know what I did."
Well we've tried to tell you, time and time again.

But every time it ends the same,
With you finding someone else to blame.

"I only yelled because you made me mad"
"I smashed your phone because you did something bad."
Well there's never an excuse to yell, Dad.

No one else can control your actions,
So you can't blame others for your bad reactions.

"Just come talk to me before you decide you hate me."
The question I always seem to repeat
Is: why, oh why, did it have to be me?

Why am I the one you picked
To actually love, and not be a dick?

I'll always love you deep in my heart,
And that's the thing that tears me apart.

'Cause the thing you'll never be able to see
Is how much easier my life would be

If I could hate you

Your Favourite Daughter.
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