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A brief narrative of a backyard experience one morning.
Mid-morning, on a cool day in late September, I stepped out my backdoor to soak in Sun's warmth, breathe fresh Autumn air, then sit back and settle in to another chapter marked in my book about bees. I took with me a hot drink and a small basket of other nature themed books to peruse as well. I covered my lap with the light weight Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow decorated blanket which was a gift from my grandchildren as an endearing joke.

The grass was high enough for another mowing, perhaps one last time for the season. Still moist from last night's light frost, my lawn and surrounding bank of trees glistened varied hues of dark blue-greens, light yellow-greens, and accents of shiny white-silver beads. Seemingly, the sun had dropped sparkling jewelry on my property. I felt grateful for the lovely gift.

Only minutes before, I had filled the empty birdbath on the patio. It was certainly in need of an offering to my feathered friends. Not long after I got settled in my chair, a Bluejay lighted on the rim. I swear he turned his head just enough toward me to indicate a nod, a silent note of thanksgiving. A moment later, Blue flew off to the trees to join his companion; I suppose. A Bluejay conversation ensued. Well, more like loud squawking, as those fussy sounding birds tend to do. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the entertainment.

Nearby traffic was heavy this morning. I pictured the passing vehicle sounds as ocean waves approaching and receding along the edge of my property.

Ironically, as I opened my book about bees, and as if on cue, a bee buzzed around me. It seemed to like the steam and aroma of my drink. I spoke kind words with a good morning greeting. After a bit of bee-buzz-talk, it left.

Sun's morning angle created an intense white light. Its reflection on the dimpled glass table top was Nature's way of painting an abstract design using light and shadows. My reverie admiring the art work was interrupted by a loud roaring noise approaching from the left. Around the bend in the yard came a large mowing machine. I guess my premonition was not too far off about the tall grass soon needing some trimming. However, this meant my time outdoors was cut short.

Although my morning meditations may have been only a few minutes lasting, I pocketed the inspiring experiences into my spirit-bank of pleasant memories, packed up my books, beverage, and good intentions for a nice read. Perhaps I will try another outdoor reading time in the late afternoon backyard shade. I have to wonder what other experience awaits out my backdoor.

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