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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2282175
You are my key
I allow the silence to wash over me in white waves
Softly caressing my neck and whispering softly in my ear.
The sweet sound fills me up with colour and light
Warming me from the inside.

My heart, my soul, aroused with the presence of angels.
They call to me, to follow them, move with them
Trust they will guide me, direct me, show me the way
And I will find you there

Waiting in a lush green field on a warm sunny day
Under a canopy of pink and green
Cherry blossoms and daisies in full bloom
It's beautiful, and so are you

You who make me whole and complete
You who stirs my soul
Sends me spinning with emotions I barely manage to keep contained.
You who keeps my heart inside your soul

You who makes me flush with colour
Quickens my heart
Pulls me near without having to speak
You who makes me burn inside with fiery passion

You who stirs up the energy within me
Until its swirling with emotion I almost can't control
I hold myself for you
I save myself for you

Even when my feelings threaten to overtake me
I hold myself for you
The only one who really matters to me
The only one I want to spend my life with
To spend eternity with

The depths of my love are endless and true
I want to be with you until the end of time,
And even then, I know the connection will remain
In spirit, in energy moving back to the earth

An endless circle
An unending story of love
One to be shared with others, to inspire,
To create hope in a world full of so much hate and deception

To bring light and life to the darkness
To show, to encourage others
To recognize the power of love
Instead of the quickly fading spark of lust and desire

The passion of love burns forever in my soul for you
I hold that space in my heart for you
I have no room for another
You are my key to experiencing the fullness of life

You are the only one I care to share of myself completely with
Only you may experience my true and everlasting love
I promise I will never hurt you
I promise I will never break your heart
This I swear to you, to the world, to all of creation.
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