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Layla is ready for her new job, but has a surprise in store.
"I just got hired!" Layla the albino cheetah exclaimed as soon as she passed through the front door.

"Awesome! What kind of job did you get?" Kyle the cheetah asked.

"Data entry at the university! I am going to meet my boss tomorrow!"

"Awesome job! I hope you love it. You are always good with numbers."

"I know and I'm going to be working with numbers soon. There is the orientation of course but that will be for a day."

Layla took off her boots and then went to the kitchen and sat down. Sandy the Red-Eared Turtle was busy making some cookies. She decided to wait until the cooking finished before telling Sandy. Then she pulled out her folder with papers received from the interview to look over. She wanted to know exactly what she was going to need for her job. The papers listed a bunch of things but she only needed two things from each of the list. She made sure she had the right documentation. Soon Sandy finished cooking the cookies and laid the cookies out to cool. Layla took that chance to enter.

"Guess what?" Layla asked.

"What?" Sandy replied.

"I got the job. I'm going to go to the orientation tomorrow and I'll be meeting my new boss."

"That is wonderful. Wait until the cookies cool down and then you can have a cookie. You'll be on your way to living by yourself."

"I know."

Layla went out of the kitchen to her bedroom. Since she needed to wake up at five o' clock for her new job she wanted to get some extra sleep and prefer to have a cool down time before going to bed. She went onto her computer and then to her blog. She felt so excited to write everything down. The blog served as a way for her to pour out her feelings everyday before going to bed. She always felt better about going to bed as a result. A website popped up showing the face of a fuzzy monster that reminded her of the first level of Space Invaders and a description below it. Her new boss was a monster? She shrieked out a bit since monsters are often found in places she least expected it and would jump at her when she wasn't watching. And here she was going to face having a monster for her boss? She couldn't quite believe it.

The next day Layla woke up and got ready. She was just a bit nervous from what that website said. Maybe it wasn't true she reassured herself. She ate her breakfast and then headed to the university. What could she expect? The university was a safe place in her mind. Surely there wouldn't be any monsters running about. Since the university was in walking distance she ran until she made it to the building and stopped. She was out of breath. Monsters was the least of her worries.

"Excuse me, are you Layla?" a voice asked gently close to her ear. Jumping and putting her hand over her heart, she looked around until she saw a fuzzy looking spider like monster staring down at her. She stifled a scream.

"Who are you?"

"I am Tropia, your new boss. I would like to show you the way to our department and give you a tour."

Prompt 1 - Monster Boss. New hire finds out that their Boss is a Monster. Are they a decent person, or is there a reason the other person left?
Word Count: 559
Contest: "The Anthro Activity Anteroom
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