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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2282220
All for you, Mike Bier עדי עד
This is your space
The one I hold for you
This place,
This sacred space that connects us as one.

Your love fills me
My love for you overflows
My soul,
My very existence radiates with love for you.

I long for the warmth of your embrace
I long for your gentle touch, your calming presence
Your voice echoes in my mind
Sometimes, I can almost see you clearly
Beside me in time

I won't stop believing it's possible
Because some days,
It's the only thing that keeps me going
It's you that I want to find.

My heart is true
My feelings are only for you
There is no deception
There are no questions.

My emotions run deep within my soul
And they connect to you, only to you
There is no one else I want to be near
No one else I want to touch and be touched by.

My thoughts surround me with the hope of seeing you again
Of finding you somewhere, somehow in this world again
I won't falter, I won't stray, I won't settle for another
It's you and only you that I want.

Only you can fill the empty space I have inside
Until then, I will cherish your spirit, your memory
And hope, one day, I will find you
That we will find each other again

Unite as one, under love, and truth, and kindness
To be complete, it is you that I need,
You that I want
No one else interests me.

No one else holds a draw for me like you do.
It is my soul, my heart, my spirit being pulled
By a call from you. I always hear it
It never goes far, never disappears for very long

I love the sound, the feeling, the emotion, the oneness
Your smell, your touch, your emotions, the vibration of your being
It resonates with me and I can't resist it, I don't want to resist it
It is perfect. You are perfect.

You are my key.
You always have been
Only you can unlock my love
And until then, I wait.

A caged bird
Singing my song for you
Waiting for you to return
To forgive me

To try one more time
The choice is yours.
I can wait forever,
Even if that means more than this lifetime

You are that important
You are that meaningful to me
I love you, and only you.
I wait, I hope

My love, my heart, my soul for you. I am yours
If you let me, I will show you how much I care
You will see all the ways I can express my love for you
If you let me, I will show you everything I wasn't able to before

Please, consider my request
Give me one last chance to show you the me I could not before
To show you the beauty of my soul
I love you, and only you
You are the only one I ever loved.
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