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"What's our situation now?" Tanya asked, looking around as she saw the people, whom she sworn to protect, trembling in utter fear as they impatiently make their way onto the massive transportation. "Ma'am, we're getting as many citizens here on board the Crawler as fast as we can before the C.U.W.s make their way here," the captain stated with a forlorn look on his face, "But with so many here, I fear we won't be able to get everyone on board." The young cadet looks back at the people waiting to get on, seeing mothers calming their little ones, families once whole now torn apart, and guards overwhelmed by the people, doing everything they can to relieve the people of their worries. As she witnesses this tragic event, he turns back the general. "How long do we have?" she asked. "Only a few minutes with the soldiers we have protecting the entrance." the captain responded. Hearing this news, Tanya was in disbelief. Her fist clenched in fury, as she knew if they didn't do something, all these people will die. She couldn't just stand her and do nothing, not when she held the power to fight. And yet, she could feel her legs shaking, growing weaker the longer she stood. She fought before, why was she scared now? Suddenly, she heard an explosion. She whipped around in response to the sound. Upon hearing this, the people screamed and started dashing for the Crawler. Guards stationed near the entrance of the transport became overwhelmed by the oncoming wave of people, unable to contain the chaos.
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