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Theory for growth without violating the square-cube law
Dimensional singularities open within the centers of the quarks and gluons of the protons and neutrons of the atoms of the person’s body. Matter from a dark matter universe is pulled into the centers of the quarks and gluons, while a dimensional membrane surrounds each quark and gluon particle to protect it from hemorrhaging as growth occurs. (Electrons remain normal sized)

A dimensional cascade reaction causes what happens to one atom to happen to every atom contained within the dimensional membrane surrounding the person’s body. It is a chain reaction, so causing one atom to grow causes all of the atoms within the dimensional membrane to grow.

There is a planet orbiting a star in the dark matter universe that corresponds with the location of Earth, so the matter composing the atmosphere of that world provides the dark matter necessary for growth. There is higher pressure in the dark matter universe, so matter flows from a high pressure environment to the lower pressure environment at centers of the quarks and gluons in our universe.

Anti-gravitons are suspended in a sub-dimensional matrix within the quarks and gluons that have expanded. This causes the weight of the quarks and gluons to remain the same as at normal size, while the mass increases. This is the method that allows for growth without violating the square-cube law.

The person who undergoes growth has increased mass, while their weight remains the same as at normal size.
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