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A demon who was cast to hell has returned for revenge. 16 lines. Rhymes.
Back to hell I was cast by the priest
I, Mirazal, the horned and bat-winged beast.
And of my hundred years there spent,
My hatred stayed burning and unbent;
My life became a flying, fatal arrow,
With he as my target I will hit tomorrow.
I searched for this priest, here and there,
But did not find the loathsome thing anywhere,
I returned to the house where it took place,
But did not find that displeasing face.
I searched all the land, but nowhere was the priest,
Till soon I heard the news that he's deceased,
Died years ago, without ever having felt my wrath!
But least he's no longer here to stop the bloodbath!
With this land free now, I may do as I desire,
Without fear of being cast to that pit of fire.
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