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Writer's Cramp, 10/9/22
The writing prompt for the day was Halloween-themed.
My word-addled brain ran multiple laps looking for a way in.
I considered mining my own experience for inspiration –
Like the time I saw an actual vampire driving a car on the Bay Bridge in San Fran.
Was it real or just fantasy?
I know what I felt in the moment, that October 31st nearly a decade ago...

Blood running cold is a real phenomenon.

Reflections of a ghost – the past through diaphanous glasses.
Seems too easy, too obvious, yet that image remains:
A public and intensely personal encounter with the supernatural.
There is much more to this world than meets the eye.
The Old Ones still maintain a presence, free to mingle when the time is right.

I had to seek the witch for answers.
Which witch? I wasn't sure.
Briefly I considered myself a warlock, then laughed it off.
My body formed a sigil and the symbol was not lost on me.
I found the temple within and confronted the devil.
A choir of sacred voices announce the encounter.

Speech bubbles appear above my head, reflected in the mirror.
I see my antithesis, the zombie, staring dumbly at me.
The voices of children sing a refrain.
Cool autumn air rides on fire.
Fueled by lavender and carbon I walk the night.
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