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by Norman
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I knew it wasn't good.
One shoe was lying by the door,
the other one, who knows?
And as I walked into the house,
I saw abandoned clothes.

Those clothes were scattered here and there
but most were on the floor.
It wasn’t hard to see the trail,
the pathway from the door.

I paused to wonder at this sight.
I knew it wasn’t good.
I thought that I might turn around.
In fact, I probably should.

But then I heard my wife call out.
I knew it was too late.
I had to plow on straight ahead
to meet my dreaded fate.

If I had paid attention more
I might have understood.
This wasn’t what I’d thought at first.
No, it was something good.

Those clothes that were strewn all around
I should have recognized.
I looked more closely and I saw
a bra, to my surprise.

None of the kids had come home yet.
They must be still in school.
And all at once it hit me hard,
yeah, I am such a fool.

It was our anniversary day
and we had made a vow
that we would always celebrate.
Yeah, we would do it now.

My wife was waiting there for me.
Boy, how could I forget?
She is the best wife in the world.
How lucky can you get?

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