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An angel sits forlorn. 22 lines. Rhymes.
I saw an angel sitting forlorn
But what does he have to mourn?
A being whose beauty is undying
An angel who could be flying,
What does he have to cry about
With many years to still live out,
He who knows naught of death
Nor the preciousness of breath.
He who knows naught of time
Nor the years after the prime
Nor anything of decaying flesh
He whose skin is forever fresh
"What, fair angel of heaven born,
Does a heart like yours have to mourn?"
"I've fallen in love with a maiden
A love by God that is forbidden,
But her years have come to pass,
She now lays beneath this grass,
This eternal life is of eternal torment
My lover whose death I lament,
From this comes my tears, my pain
My heart that weeps far more than rain."
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