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by Mez
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In memory of my father, R.I.P.
Love & Diamonds through my Dad's Eyes

What does love look like? It might be in the smile lines next to my father's crinkly eyes. It might be the warmth in his laughter when I told him about the latest mishap to befall his grandson. It might be the twinkle in his eyes when he told me that he was sure the cute nurse was definitely flirting with him. My father, David Michael Smith, was a passionate dreamer, a poetic optimist, and grandiose in nature. On September 26th, 2022, my dad opened his eyes in the hospital, gave me the briefest of smiles, and said, "I'm dying." He nodded his head in confirmation and drifted into a peaceful sleep to join God and his late wife, Gemma. Those of you who knew him wouldn't be surprised that he managed to put in a sleepy request for coffee before he took off on his new journey. For those of you who did not know him, let me introduce you in his own words from the book he was working on, "Questions Answered: Solving the Mysteries of Life, Death, and What Awaits Our Souls Beyond Death."

My name is David Michael Smith. Common name. Uncommon heart and soul. I am a child of God, modern-day philosopher, and published poet. I will be your guide on this journey into the previously unknown. I am so happy to have you as a friend, travel companion, and fellow inquisitor.

My greatest wish is that I can be transformed into something precious. A beautiful diamond for God and all of humanity. Sparkling brilliantly in the light being emitted from my heart.

You can see where the grandiose part comes in! But his reference to diamonds comes from a more heartfelt place than fancy for this sparkly jewel. Just as carbon requires immense heat and pressure to be transformed into diamonds deep within the earth, my dad was also tempered by his struggles in life. His battles with addiction, poverty, lung cancer and COPD would have brought anyone to their knees. Through it all he stayed true to his devotion to love in all forms: romantic love, love for God, and love for this planet and all 8 billion humans that inhabit it. Love for his cat, Brina, and love for his children and grandchildren and siblings. No matter his circumstances, he reached out to those around him. He wrote love poetry on Facebook and shared it with his 4,125 friends and a multitude of poetry groups in which he won awards for his poetry. He did not allow his struggles to define him; instead, he used them to become a diamond. I will miss you forever, dad. Until we meet again.

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