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by Naomi
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I am who I am and who I am possess an authentic charm which I believe is
pleasing to everyone I cross-path in my journey called life. My desire is to gain precious knowledge of the world that I belong by reading, reading and more reading. My ways of sharing it to the people is by writing, writing and more writing.

I express my opinion in the most positive way. In everything that I am doing I always do the best I can. In
the events of failures and heartaches
I cry and not to blame on others as
I always take full responsibility of all my actions and decisions. YES ! I did
cry and did charge it to experience, to
let go of the past and smile with a
learned lesson.

I believe that there is so much to hope for while my heart is still beating with a rhythm of great expectation in every moment of a day.

I love to smile. I love to laugh. I love to
watch the sunrise and I am mesmerized by a sunset. I am always in love with roses in whatever color and always find time to smell them and to touch the soft petals. It gives me a special joy. I look forward to the early dawn sound of the rooster TIKTAGAOK that awakens me as if letting me know another day has come and there be so much to be thankful .

I highly believe that there is GOD ALMIGHTY, the highest power who gave me Jesus Christ, Mama Mary, the Holy Spirit, my guardian Angel and the Holy Saints to love me, to protect me, to guide and to bless me.

I love. Johnson's cologne and baby powder and like my brothers and my only grandchild Luis, I enjoy watching
Basketball Games and the excitement it brings leads me to leap, to yell and to cheer.

I love to create things in my own unique way. I make Happy Baskets,
Wisdom Baskets , Angels and Hairbands and loves roasting to perfection our very own medicinal coffee.

I am fascinated by people who are courteous, respectful and well- mannered. I respect other people's silence in as much as I am also to be respected. I honor my father and my father. My brothers and my sisters are my best of friends and we love singing together on special occasions.

I love books, books and books. I love the taste of CHOCNUTS, Mango and ATIS fruits and always a Seafood lover.

I always look up to the sky, talk to The Most High, to our late Papa and our late brother, telling them how I miss their company, our conversations, and their physical presence. With my silent sobs and tears freely flowing , I thank
The Most High for taking good care of
them in Paradise.

I pray. I pray everyday of my life and love to pray The Holy Rosary. I am always grateful for my life and for the lives of the people close to my heart.

My experiences are varied and plenty that goes along as I grow older everyday.

I am who I am and I love who I am.
I am happy to be who I am.

Thank You LORD for Everything.
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