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by Rojodi
Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2283384
A blurb of sorts
Oct 17 Minor Character Profiles
story set in 1990

Francesca (nee Di Giovanni) Halliday
26, short and curvy, Mikołaj’s first love and first heartbreak. She wrote him a letter in the fall of 1982, telling him that she met another, and it was best that they no longer write. He thought he saw her the next summer, but it was just another short Italian American girl.

Sunetra Joshi
26. A 5’ 4” woman who has known him since high school. She followed him to college at La Chasse College, where she moved in with him at the brownstone when her dorm room suffered smoke damage and she couldn’t live in a motel room with her partying dorm mate. She works with him as a secretary, mostly doing his finances, and that includes money he receives from writing. This Indian woman working part-time at her older sister’s restaurant and has brought her nieces and nephews into the office.

Mary-Ellen (nee Douglas) Thompkins
26. A curvy divorcee, standing 5’ 2”. She first met Mikołaj at Binnekill College, both were in the same Freshman English Composition class as well as Introduction to Psychology. She moved into the brownstone just before Valentine’s Day, 1983, invited by the owner, his great-aunt Genevieve Mackowiak, her boss at a restaurant.

Analise Bruijn
26. The tall (5’ 11”) blonde is married to a much older man, one who knew all about her relationships in college with Miko and Mary-Ellen. At Vanessa’s funeral, she suggested that he talk with her private investigator grandfather about finding his late wife’s killer. He declined; he already knew where he was.

Several muscle heads, bodyguards for Daniel Hathorne

His sisters Stephanie, Regina, and Veronica.
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