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by Naomi
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Keep on dreaming BIG DREAMS and Realize Them One By One
I believe in dreams as much as I believe in needed action for the purpose of realizing each of my dreams. Like Happiness and Hope, Dreams play a very important role in
my existence.

My dreams are mine alone which serve as a guidance as I continue walking the paths of life. My dreams give me the will to live, inspiring me moment to moment, day by day.

My dreams give me the POWER to be ready for any situation that needs my involvement. I honor each dream that I have. They are wonderful, worthy to be cherished, as well as for me, mysterious. Dreams offer me to set new goals, tasks and an exciting amazing adventure allowing me to gain so many awesome achievements.

My dreams are invitations for me to broaden my horizons, a true encouragement, a real motivation. The
richness, depthness of my varied experiences is authentically enhanced by my fulfilled dreams.

I always WELCOME each dream for as long as I live. Dreams help me to develop my talents or gifts to the fullest and to the very best of my

I take full responsibility of all the dreams that I own. I fervently pray to The Most High to let me live for more years so I can realize them, each one of them, responding positively, advantageously to every inviting opportunity, totally taking charge of my responsibility.

Each dream is a gift of motivation for me to move forward, to soar like an eagle, trusting that every worthy task surely allows me of an opportunity to grow, to think wisely of bright ideas and to master the skills that I learned , clearing my way to my own destiny, to my own victory.

I keep on dreaming BIG DREAMS and give my THANKS to The Most High for my dreams yesterday, my dreams today and for all my dreams tomorrow.

YES...My dreams give me more than enough reason to rise and to shine.
So be it !

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