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by aaaaa
Rated: 18+ · Serial · Erotica · #2283665
A story about a teenager with an unhappy chilhood seeked for his feeling of dominance.
(This story contains hypnosis/ mind control, erotic details. All characters, except Matthew, belong to Nintendo)
Matthew was a lonely teenager who lived alone in a house in Pallet town. Unlike the others, his childhood could only be described with one word: miserable. His dad passed away when Matthew was only 5 and the mother was always abusing her son in every way she could think of. From making him do the chores for the whole day to banning him from making friends, even with Pokemon. Matthew hated his mother so much that he not only didn't cry at her funeral when he was 18 but also felt happy about it because he was now freed. He tried many things that he hadn't done before such as going outside or interacting with Pokemons,... However, since he was dominated for his whole life, he wondered what it's like if he was the one in charge. Knowing that people don't just let him tell them what to do, he spent 18 months exploring some forums about hypnosis and practicing on Pokemons to make his dream come true. After that, Matthew decided to take action on some nice looking girls, especially single mothers to both to relieve his anger from the past and to experience what people called "sex".
On a beautiful day when Matthew was walking around the village to find his first target, he saw a woman with red, pony-tail hair. Moreover, she was a single mother, just to his liking. After stalking her, he knew that her name was Delia Ketchum and her son, Ash Ketchum, would go on an adventure for almost a year the following week. Knowing this, Matthew set up a plan to get Delia under his control right after her son left the village.
Holding a crystal attached with a string, Matthew walked straight to Delia's house the day after her son went on his adventure. He stood in front of the door, felt nervous about what he was going to do because he didn't want to fail. After a moment, he knocked on the door and Delia came outside just after a few seconds.
"Hi there. If you're advertising your company's product or something, I wouldn't buy it." Delia said right after seeing Matthew.
"Uhm…. No ma'am. The thing is that I've found this piece of jewelry and I'm finding its owner." Matthew replied and held the crystal up, slightly swung it.
"Why don't you just let the police do that? By the way, I'm not its owner." Delia said.
"You see, I'm still single and I think I could impress a girl if I return this crystal for her." Matthew said while swinging the crystal a bit harder.
"I guess. But I haven't seen anyone wearing it around here.".
"Look closer, ma'am, in case you had seen it but completely forgot about it.". This time Matthew swung it harder and harder.
Under the sunlight, the light reflected from the crystal seems like drawing the MILF's attention with it. Noticing this, Matthew kept swinging it back and forth, making Delia started to get confused:
-What are you…. doing…? Why are….you..
-Just look closer, isn't it beautiful and shiny?
Didn't let Delia finish her question, Matthew began to push her into a trance.
"Yeah…. B-Beautiful and sh-shiny…" Delia said, sinking deeper, "but….w-what …a-are….you….".
"Now that your eyes have been captured by the crystal's beauty, you can't look away.".
"So b-beautiful… C-can't look away…".
"Follow its swings. You are so tired watching it that you want to close your eyes. Each left swing makes your eyelids heavier, each right swing makes you feel sleepier.".
"S-so….sl-sleepy…." Delia said, ready to enter a deep sleep at any moment.
"Now, my lady, you're going to close your eyes and go to sleep whenever I snap my fingers. Got it?", Matthew said.
"Snap…..G-go to……sl-sleep….".
Those were Delia's last words before Mathew snapped, making her body collapse on him as she went to sleep.
"Oh my Arceus, I did it! Now let's get her inside for my next stage.", Matthew thought as he carried Delia and gently placed her on the sofa before locking the main door and closing the windows.
"How do you feel now?" Matthew asked.
"Peaceful, relaxed." Delia replied.
"Now tell me, your name is Delia Ketchum, right?", he said.
"Yes.", Delia answered with her eyes closed.
"What's your favorite Pokemon, my dear?"
"Skitty. It's kind of cute.".
"So now this is what you are going to do. Imagine an encounter between you and a wild Skitty. The Pokemon is so adorable that you just wanna catch it at all costs."
"Yeah. So adorable."
"You know that the basic step to catch a Pokemon is throwing a Pokeball towards it, right?"
"Now you don't have any Pokeballs. However, you can create some of them."
"Really? Can I?"
"Of course you can. Just a little bit of your free will and you can make lots of your own Pokeballs."
"But… I need my free will.", Delia started to resist.
"This is your favorite Pokemon, right?" Matthew began to convince Delia's subconscious.
"Yes. But I still need my free will.", Delia said.
"But you can't just let it go like that. It's your favorite Pokemon. A little cost of free will is absolutely worth it, right?".
"I guess not.", the single mom almost gave in.
"Then do it, Delia. Go for your dream of getting a Skitty.", Matthew said with a cheering tone, "However, you couldn't catch it no matter how hard you tried. But you won't just give up, right? You want it and you will keep throwing balls until you catch it or you run out of balls".
"Why does it keep getting out of the balls? I feel…. I feel.. ", Delia said slowly after a few minutes of throwing dozens of Pokeballs in her imagination before getting silent.
"Now that all of your free will is gone. Your mind is blank now. The reason that you couldn't catch it is that the Skitty has already belonged to someone else. And then you see its trainer come out. He looks exactly like me, speaks like me and acts like me. You now know the reason why you couldn't make it out but you can't do anything in response because your mind is now completely blank and empty, isn't it?".
"Yes….", Delia droned.
"Good. And that means you are now widely open to suggestions, aren't you?".
"That's great. Now you will listen to what the man standing in front of you, which is I, says and accept it as the absolute truth. Is that clear?"
"Good. Now that your mind is blank so you can't think of anything. Is that true?", Matthew began to program Delia.
"I guess so.", she answered.
"So it would be a bliss if you have someone to think for you, someone that tells you what to do. Right?".
"Don't worry, my lady. You got me. I will do all the thinking part for you. You just listen to me and obey. OK?".
"Yes… I obey.".
"And since you obey my every command without hesitation and second thought, you are my obedient and loyal slave, right?".
"Yes. I'm your slave.".
"And since you're my slave, I am your only master, the one you serve, obey and please with your best effort, right?".
"Yes what?".
"Yes, master." Delia said, completely under Matthew's control.
"Good girl. Now when I snap my fingers, you will wake up and become what you are now. Understand?".
"Understood, master.".
"And whenever I say "Go to sleep" you will immediately go back to this state of mind for further programming, ok?".
"Yes, master.".
And then Matthew snapped his fingers, making the hot MILF wake up after a few blink before getting down on her knees before her master.
"How can I serve you, my master? Please command me. I'm yours." she said with a monotone voice
"Oh my Arceus, it works. But I have to test her to make sure that she would do anything for me. Maybe simple things first." thought Matthew before telling her to give him a glass of water.
After a “Yes, master.” Delia went to the kitchen and then came out with the thing ordered by Matthew. She then stood at attention and said: “What is your next command, master?”.
Although her master was happy about this, he felt like something was missing. He slurped the water and finally figured it out. He commanded Delia to lie on the floor and used the trigger. The red hair MILF fell back into trance right after she heard the phrase, waiting for her master to shape her mind.
“This time when you wake up, you will still be my obedient slave just like you are now. However, you won’t be mindless anymore. In fact, you love it, you love the feeling of obeying your master’s commands, you love being my slave. Everytime you receive an order from me, you’ll feel so happy, so excited because you can obey me. Becoming my slave is the best part of your life and you appreciate it so much. Got it?”, Matthew said.
“Yes, master.”, Delia replied.
Another snap came from Matthew caused Delia to wake up again. This time, she knelt down before her master just like before, the only difference was the happy and cheerful tone in her voice: “How can your slave be of service, my master?”. This obviously made Matthew smirk before he ask her:
-Do you know how to do a striptease?
-I watched a few pornos so I think I can do it, my master. - Delia gladly answered
-Good. Now stand in the middle of the room and do it. Entertain your master.
-Right away, master.
Delia then came to the middle of the room and began to sway her body as well as slowly take each piece of her clothes off with a happy smile on her face. She started by stripping her pink short-sleeve, followed by the purple skirt and the yellow undershirt, revealing her violet underwear. Matthew felt highly aroused by her sexy, charming dance. Her hands slowly ran through her body while her hips kept swaying. Sometimes, Delia used her hands to play with her rounded C-cup boobs to make her performance more entertaining for her master. She then unclipped her bra, letting Matthew see all of her breasts. She giggled before turning around and slowly pulled her panties down, showing her firm butts. Stepping beside her clothes, Delia kept dancing sexily until her master ordered her to give him a boobjob and blowjob at the same time because of his erected cock. With a smile, she came towards Matthew, pulled his pants and panties down before wrapping her tits around it and licking it.
"So this is what those boys calles "sex". It feels so good." Matthew thought.
"Keep doing like that, slave, and I want my dick clean after cumming." he commanded her.
"Yes, master. Your wish is my command.", Delia answered and then kept licking.
Because Matthew had been aroused by his slave's performance befor, it only took a minute for him to cum right on the woman's face. After cleaning her face by taking her master's semen into her mouth, Delia began to use her tongue again to make sure that Matthew's dick was clean.
"Good job, slave. Now show me your bedroom." Matthew told her.
"This way, master." Delia led the way.
"So, master, are we gonna have some sexual fun together or you wanna do something different?" the single mom asked with a seductive voice.
"Save your energy, my dear. We still have a long day for many kinds of fun." her master said.
"It's up to you, master. So what do you want me to do now?" Delia asked while kneeling in front of her master.
After a quick look around the bedroom, Matthew came up with an idea.
"Your son won't be home for almost a year, right?" he asked.
"Yes, master. So we can have a lot of fun together without being noticed. Or maybe you have plans for my son as well?" Delia said excitedly.
Hearing this made Matthew sure that he got Delia under his complete control. She only cared about him, even more than her son. She was not a single mother anymore, she was his loyal, obedient slave, always ready to his biddings, including betraying her friends and family.
“Do you know any female friends that are as hot as you, my dear? It would be better if they are single mothers just like you.” Matthew said.
“ Most of my son’s female friends only live with their moms, master. Would you like me to tell you more details, my master?” his slave said.
“That’s what a good slave should be. Now tell me more about them before we continue this day and prepare to collect them all. What do you think?”.
“It would be wonderful, master. I’ll do anything for you. And when my friends know more about my place now, they would feel it the same way.” Delia said with a smile.
Delia then told Matthew all the details about the women so Matthew could come up with a plan. The duo then enjoys the rest of the day with the way Matthew wished.

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