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Lee-Lee woke up early to visit his grandmother before he started his day at the hospital
The second DRAFT -- rewritten, but I would appreciate more feedback.

My first short story: A Day With His Grandmother

Lee-Lee woke up and came by early to visit with his grandmother. Before he started working for the hospital, he would spend most of his day with his grandmother.

Although his grandmother was more than forty years older than he, he found her to be delightful. She was not cranky like a lot of older women that he knew. If anything, she was cantankerous, vibrant, full of life, and willing to try almost anything once. She also loved electronics. In fact, her love for electronics pushed Lee-Lee to become infatuated with everything computer-driven.

So, today, on his way to his grandmother's house, he wondered what she would be getting into and where her mind would lead her.

He arrived at his grandmother's house around eight o'clock. She was up but not dressed. Nothing unusual about that. The woman hated clothes, so he had to wait for her to put on some blotches before she would open the door.

As soon as he was inside, she immediately started up about needing a new smartphone. Now, mind you, she already owns a Galaxy Samsung Note 20 with all the whistles and bells. After ranting about the new Galaxy Samsung phone, we decided to go to Costco and get her the latest laptop, like mine. It also serves as a telephone and can be viewed on her Smart TV.

Yes, she purchased the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2022 Wi-Fi 10.4" 64GB with a 128GB sim card. The rest of the evening was spent
setting it up and teaching her how to use her newest toy. If you could have seen the glow on her face as she explored all her new possibilities, you would have known why she delights me so much.

Of Lee-Lee's two living grandmothers, he loves them both, but his paternal grandmother brings him the most oy. She challenges his mind and abilities and forces him to stay on top of his game. She amazes him with her quick mind and steel-hard focus on accomplishing anything she sets her mind to do.

As he grows older, he finds that he is very much like his paternal grandmother but without her sparkle and zest for life. He watches her as she grows older and only hopes he can be that feisty when he is her age.

By the way, My Lady is what he calls her, will be seventy-six on November 13 and still acting like she is twenty-five!

On his way home, he thought, what a feisty old lady, and just think, she is my grandmother.
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