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by Naomi
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Cherish You Dearest Friend
For me, I am blessed, so blessed to have a friend, to have many friends.
There is one very special friend that I love to write about. Her name is SANDRA. She.possesses a sacred spirit, smart, highly educated, gorgeous and sweet.

I am happy for her who lives her life looking forward to the days ahead as she continues the journey. She is a synonym to wisdom, strength, creativity that makes golden threads of a very meaningful tomorrow. She also listens to the whispers of her heart. She considers her personal preferences to learn how to recognize, embrace moments of joy, peace and happiness that are uniquely her own and also available for her as she believes it.

When I look at her, she is a very rich lady not because of money that she owns but because of her wonderful individuality with serenity, and a very sincere, contagious smile that is very enriching.

There are so many precious words to describe her in totality. She is a friend whom I love and loves me in return.
A friend whom MR.WEBSTER describe as : one who cherishes kind regard to another person.

There was a time when she was into a dark, stormy days when she felt frightened, fragile, feeling shattered in thousand pieces. She broke into painful sobs that seeing her crumpled my heart too. Her fears were very real and valid, but she was able to stand again and shout to the whole world:
I Can Make It ! YES ! I Can !

That is the strength of Sandra, which is truly highly impressive. She recovers and seeing her beautiful smile again makes me whole and complete, appreciate more of her, more of life, more of friendship in a mutual regard, cherished by kind, caring heart and mind.

She is a friend whose life tells me that each day offers its own gift. A friend, and always will be.

Thank You Dear LORD, for having a friend who is always righteous, stands for her right and moves with grace.
I always love you SANDRA GIRL..
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