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by Naomi
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Learning Life's Lessons

There were times when I had high expectations for myself and when
I did not measure up, I did feel guilty.
Knowing that guilt is unproductive I
tried to accept myself as I am and it

My journey was designed to introduce
me to new i information, new and
more possibilities for growth and
development. I need to trust that I am at the right place at the right time,
preparing what do I need to succeed and with my interaction for today I
am nurtured emotionally and also
spiritually, being encouraged to attain
my full potential.

Today, I live in honor of myself and by
doing so I honor others and me to stop
expecting that I am perfect so I can
find enjoyment even in the smallest
detail of my every undertaking.

Anything I can do for myself stays with me. The more I learn, the wiser I become, including learning from my
mistakes. I believe that everything I
do deserves my best effort and that
no precious time being wasted so I
can greet each challenge with much
eagerness, trusting in my capacity
to success.

I have to set the pace for every progress that I am doing now and
for the rest of my existence. It is awesome to understand that I am
responsible and always take a full
responsibility of my every action.

More laughters, more freedom, more
achievements. They are within my power, they can never elude me unless I let them. But then,. I must
define my direction for each move and be very careful for my each step along
the way.

YES ! Everything I learned enhances my life including my expectations. The
world is so wobderful and each moment is worth living.

Have A Pleasant Day Everyone.
Thank You LORD for Everything.

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