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'Of all the love movies I watched, I believed everyone who fell in love was a fool or loon
'Of all the love movies I have ever watched, I believed everyone who fell in love was a fool or loon until you happened to me and that changed the way I felt about EVERYTHING... Before YOU

I fell for your dimpled laughter
At CRB Hill by the Giant Tree of Life
And then for your accent.
And you didn't notice me
Staring at you, STAR-GAZING...

Those Azure eyes were cold like the Arctic winter
And the sheer sunlight speckled it
Like dying embers.
'Shining bright like Diamonds in the sky...'

The rain glazed the streets of the city
Couldn't deter my attention
Transfixed at the way
You tucked your hair behind your ear
When it kissed your cheek,
Springing in soft curls...
When you talked excitedly
About things, I wouldn't know
With your girlfriends

I was by the way the morning air
Blew through your black long hair
And I beheld your royalty as
You bought a Red Rose
From the little kind boy
And walked along the street...
Straight ahead.

Straight into my heart,
You reign supreme
Even to this day.

A Morning in September it was...
I never saw you again after that day...
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