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by LJF
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Do you want to keep wrapped up in a Beautiful, lie? or the obscured Truth?

What colors do you inevitably see?
Though Rose tinted decorative glasses,
Scarcely looking at Cream dappled overhead clouds,
Dancing in the Pale azure skies,
Do you genuinely want to keep wrapped up in a dull, Beautiful, clever lie?

Would you typically see the Brightest Yellow orange sunset,
the luminous sky has naturally made?
Almost splendid Emerald grass intentionally striking the spilled sands,
With incandescent polished White Stones,
Gently laying in the gleaming turquoise stream,
An Orchid Pink dyed emotional letters,
Carefully written with the blackest of Ink,
Do you not want to undoubtedly see the obscured kaleidoscopic Truth?

When you wisely decide,
Accept unconditionally my eager hand
Then gently let us undoubtedly see.
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