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Norman votes for the first time.
Norman stepped forward to the little table, his hands shaking, palms sweating. He had never voted before in his life. It was such a huge responsibility. There were so many things to consider.

He glanced over his shoulder, seeing the line of impatient people waiting behind him. Turning back, he picked up the paper and read through the list. The first time he read it, he didn’t really understand any of it. His brain was a ball of mush between his ears.

Someone coughed. There was a shuffle of feet. The clock on the wall ticked, ticked, ticked.

Ok, Norman, you got this, he told himself. He picked up the instrument of decision, his hand hovering over the slip of paper that would decide the fate of so many. What if he made the wrong choice?

You know what you’re doing. You listened to the arguments. Your opinion counts. It matters.

His mind cleared. He knew what to do.

Sliding his hand along the ballot, he found his selection and made a decisive mark. It was done. Folding the ballot in half, he slipped it in the box and strutted back to his seat, head held high.

He had done the right thing. It was an easy choice. The third-grade end of the school year party was going to be awesome.

Hot dogs – 2 votes. Hamburgers – 3 votes.
Pizza – 18 votes.

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