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by Norman
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We all could use a smile.
Oh, everybody needs a hand,
at least once in a while.
And when the world is closing in
we all could use a smile.

I know I’ve had some days like that
when nothing’s going right.
It’s seems like I can’t get a break;
it’s all an uphill fight.

But when somebody smiles at me
I have to smile back.
And for that moment there is light.
My thoughts no longer black.

I know it may sound child-like
and maybe even trite.
But all it takes is one warm smile
to make the day seem bright.

I made myself a promise then
that I would smile more,
no matter if there’s nothing much
for me to smile for.

My smile may be a grimace but
I’ll do my very best.
If I can hold the moaning down
it just might pass the test.

As long as I can give a smile
I know one’s coming back.
And that can help me even when
my world is out of whack.

It’s only for a moment but
sometimes that’s all I need.
It’s such a simple thing to do,
the easiest good deed.

So maybe you should do it too.
It doesn’t cost a thing.
You’d be surprised how much reward
a little smile can bring.

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