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by John
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The Supreme High One discovers traitors within his inner circle
Chapter Three


700 Cycles B.E. (Before the Explosion)

         There was absolute silence.

         Yes, that is correct. One of you is a traitor to your fellow Elders, the Collective, and me.

         The Supreme High One let that information worry them for a bit. He heard all of their inner thoughts and all conversations between them.

         I hear you. I know who you are. There is no place you can hide. I can read your most closely kept secrets.

         All of the Elders were silent now. Who was the traitor? Will the Supreme High One announce who it is or will he just pass judgment and be done with them? How will they know if the chosen Elder is the leak? There have not been any leaks reported, just from the Supreme High One.

         No, they will stand trial and be judged by me. I will give you one chance to announce yourself or I will wipe your mind and block your ability to connect with the Collective, or worse.

         The Supreme High One knew they couldn't tell he was bluffing about knowing who the traitor was. He could discover them by searching each mind. He preferred if they would come forward. When he didn't get a response, he made a decision that will affect everyone. It will not be permanent, only a week or so. He drew in the power from the collective and blocked all of the Elder's abilities to contact the Collective.

         What have you done? announced an Elder named Dyserl.

         Elder Lecbp yelled out, I am not the traitor!

         Elders Gynph, Ynaff, and Msadr voiced their thoughts at the same time, You said only one would be punished, how could you do this? I am most loyal to you; you have condemned all of us to be One with the Planet!

         An Elder by the name of Gnit raised his voice above all others, Silence! The Supreme High One is aware of your concerns. I am silent, too. I am not questioning his judgment for he knows all and sees all. In time, we will come to understand his wisdom.

         He sent a message to the Elders. He is right. I can see all. Even though you are silent, I am not. I am the Supreme High One. I can still read your thoughts and secrets. Without the Collective, you now have no essence to block me. I will peel your mind away just to see your memories, secrets, and true selves.

         The Elders were silent again. Most of the Elders were now afraid. They have never witnessed the Supreme High One's full power. They then realized he could send anyone of them to be One with the Planet. While all their defenses were down, he could see into all their minds and thoughts. He reached into each Elder's mind. He finally found the traitor. He also found a disturbing fact. She was not alone in her deceit. There was another.

         What say you, Merkil? Or you, Demaney? Koht, is there anything you wish to admit? None of you? The Supreme High One asked.

         He felt the fear of the two traitors, Ingeous and Sirois.

         The traitors, yes, there are two of you. You have one last chance. If you do not come forward, I will turn the Smell of Silence crystal on you both. .

         The Supreme High One brought out the Smell of Silence crystal and activated it. He began to increase the intensity of the power.

         Neither Ingeous nor Sirois came forward. He knew they would not.

         The Supreme High One aimed the crystal into the air and discharged it. The power was magnificent. The power of the crystal showed so brightly, that the Elders had to shade their eyes.

         The Supreme High One sent a message to Ingeous and Sirois.

         As neither of you came forward, pay the price, declared the Supreme High One.

         Twin beams of powerful light came from the Smell of Silence crystal. The beam shot into the air and then divided into two separate shafts of power. Before Ingeous and Sirois could move, each shaft of power slammed into them. After the glow from the blast faded, there were only piles of molten ashes.

         All was silent. The Elders could not have imagined the Supreme High One would have done that. Everyone could see the separate piles of ash.

         Elder Gnit spoke, Your judgment was final. You provided an opportunity for the traitors to come forward, but they chose not to admit their guilt. You gave them another chance and yet they still ignored you. You again gave them one last chance. Again, they ignored you. Judgment was swift and final. We are truly blessed to have one such as you, Supreme High One.

         All praise the Supreme High One! shouted Gnit.

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