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More terminations have occurred without any traces of the perpetrators.
Chapter Eleven


149 Cycles P.E.

         The Supreme High One probed the collective for Sopite, who was trusted by him.

         Sopite, are you available?

         It is you Supreme High One. I am always available to speak with you. Allow me to increase my barriers so others can not listen to our conversation. The Supreme High One also bolstered Sopite's barriers to maximize its strength.

         There, it is done. How may I serve you?{{/i}/size}

         What is the update on the Elders? I have not received any messages as I requested. Have any more Elders become One with the Planet? Any news on who may be responsible for the terminations?

         Allow me to answer your questions in order. Four more Elders have become One with the Planet. These were not Out of Phase. Some were at their places of residence. No guards were slain during the attack. The Elders were terminated in three separate instances. Elders Hacuuk, Osit, Peetorim, and Acmine were the ones terminated. There was no warning. However, two Elders who were walking in the forest, Acmine and Harcuuk, managed to send a final message. They stated, Ground Attack, and then we lost all contact. .

         There is one other piece of evidence that may not mean anything. The dwelling of Osit had a small opening in the rear of the dwelling, about the size of a mature Young Adult. It is not known how long the opening existed.

         On all four Elders, the same long crystal piece and crystal pointed head was found inserted into the third eye of all four. Termination should have been instant. {{/i}/size}

         After investigating, no clues were found. There were footprints of Young Ones in the forest leading into the vegetation, but nothing else. A broad sweep by the remaining Elders to see if they could find the Essence trail could not be established. Their barriers are as strong as your barrier, my Lord. It is believed the same individual is responsible for the attack.

         Four lost with no trace? We must be missing something. Are the Elders all linked together?

         No, Supreme High One, they are not. They are suspicious of others so they do not create a connection. I have established a connection with ten Elders. We would know instantly if a connection is broken due to becoming One with the Planet.

         Be prepared for what I am about to do. Do not take this personally, exclaimed the Supreme High One. He gathered his strength and bolstered his barriers. He then contacted all the Elders at once with an over-powering presence.

         You have failed to protect one another with your petty beliefs and suspicion. All of you are responsible for the four lost Elder's terminations. You are all guilty of not being one in the Collective. Their termination could have been avoided or at least, traced. What say you? What petty excuses do you have? Trying to protect your inner secrets? How about those of you who consider yourself to be above others?

         The Supreme High One was scanning all of the Elder's deep thoughts. He saw the fear of termination or exposure of their past deeds. He knew they were all on their knees with the weight of his telepathic announcement. Do anyone of you feel remorse because of your inaction? What about your lack of cohesion as Elders? I expected more from you as Elders. Maybe it is time for me to choose better Elders as you have become soft, greedy, and pompous of your worth.

         He instantly heard their thoughts. Most of them were worried they would be replaced and stripped of most of their powers and Essence, to become normal Hydranousians. Others became very afraid because they created animosity among quite a few Hydranousians. Without their protective powers, they could easily be targeted for revenge. A few others felt relief. These were the ones who had connected their consciousness to create a warning device. They were also the ones who treated the citizens and used their powers respectfully.

         I will be watching daily for any who refuse to become one with the group. I will also systematically be removing non-followers of my directive. The deaths must be prevented and traced. This is not a suggestion, Elders.

         As he started to close the link, he joined the Collective to draw more power and established a link to all the Elders, with their knowledge. He wanted to let them know he is watching.

         The Supreme High One thought of some ways the Elders would be safer. He contacted Sopite and explained his ideas and commanded Sopite to carry them out. .

{{i}indent} As you wish, Supreme High One.

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