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by John
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More of his past comes to haunt the Supreme High One.
Chapter Fifteen

Old Enemies

147 Cycles P.E

         The Supreme High One was beyond consolation. He knew he was directly responsible for the evolution of the Natas. He should have considered the ramifications of such an act. He has never made such a grievous error that he knew of. He needed to correct this, but how? He first would need to go back to the North Quadrant. He was not sure what he would find and what he will do when he got there.

         He contacted all of the Elders. He wanted to advise them of his plan to go to the North Quadrant to investigate a lead of where the assailants were from. He advised them to keep him posted as earlier ordered and to stay diligent as it was unknown if there were more in hiding. He advised them to recruit more guards to ensure their safety. He suggested the Elders break their tradition of living apart and find somewhere a group of them could live in close proximity to each other. This way, the guards could protect in force.

         He then began his journey north. He needed to go as fast as possible to get there to prevent more Elders from becoming One with the Planet. He knew if he used his essence too rapidly, he would suffer the rigors of his travel. He decided to open a large conduit to the Collective to provide essence to be used solely for travel. This would enable him to move more rapidly without tiring himself.

         While traveling, he began to develop strategies on how to resolve the issue of the Natas attacking his people. He knew he had limited access to their minds. He also knew the ones staying in the village will never have dealt with an outsider. He needed a strategy for how to get into the village and communicate with the Natas. He thought of several possible scenarios, all of which had flaws. His three main obstacles were being allowed into their village, communicating with them, and protecting himself.

         He thought about the first obstacle, being allowed entry. He could use stealth and go into the village at night when there would be minimal guards. That would not work though. He wanted to enter the village so he could investigate freely. He wanted to discover exactly how far they have advanced and wanted to meet with their leader to open a discussion about why they were attacking the Elders and a peaceful resolution. A straightforward approach would be the best for this situation.

         He knew communicating with them would be difficult. He could repeat the process that was used on the captive Nata.

         A problem with entering the village of the Natas, he would have to create a defense against their advanced weapons. He needed to create a counterforce to stop their flying crystal shafts. He thought about using telekinesis to stop the projectiles from coming near him. Something like that would need to be active at all times. That would cause a serious drain of his essence and reservoir. He would have to keep the conduit open at all times with very strong barriers in place from someone investigating the drain of the essence.

         As he walked, he began to wonder what else he did that was careless. He begins to second guess everything he has done from pretending to be an Old One to the termination of the two Elders for betrayal. To him, at this moment, he felt he has made one mistake after another without accountability. The Elders would not openly question him because they knew he was much more powerful and had access to the Collective at all times. No one would dare question him.

         Maybe his time as Supreme High One should come to an end. The problem with that is the only way out is to become One with the Planet. With that thought, he felt his usefulness was still needed. Who else would deal with the Natas? However, the Natas would not have been a threat if it weren't for him.

         He was getting nowhere with his thoughts except frustration. He needed to focus on what he needed to accomplish once he got to the village. His physical defenses needed to be working, he needed to be able to communicate with the Natas' leader and make the Elders aware of what transpired.

         First, to work on his defenses. Using his power of telekinesis was the best way to deal with physical attacks. He would focus on repelling all matter coming in his direction by reversing what he would normally do. Instead of bringing objects such as crystals to him, he would send them away. With practice, he may even be able to send them back to the sender. That would work. Now to begin practicing setting the process together and make it work all the time.

         After half a cycle of working on his physical defense, he had it repelling all material objects coming toward him. He practiced by throwing pieces of crystals straight up into the air and landing on his head. At first, testing the defenses was a total disaster as most of the crystals would hit him on the head causing minor damage. It was not until a rather large stone was tossed and promptly hit him on the head did he understand what he was doing wrong. The Supreme High One was only concentrating on the deflection around him, not from above. He made the adjustments and tossed a smaller stone into the air only to bounce off the barrier a foot above his head.

         Now that he knew how to create an effective defense, he needed to learn to maintain it constantly. This was not the same as keeping mental barriers up all the time. Learning to keep his barriers always functional required little to no conscious effort after creating them while still young. The physical defense power was unlike anything he had attempted before this occasion. Stopping physical attacks has never been attempted, until now. With practice and time, he did learn how to keep his physical energy force active without concentrating on it.

         Soon after learning how to maintain his defenses, the Supreme High One encountered a small group of evolved Natas in hiding. He felt several of the crystal weapons bounce into the force barrier and fall harmlessly to the ground. He reached out and tried to communicate with them by using the same method he used on the assailant. He made contact and began probing into their communication abilities. As he probed, he discovered an unexpected term of events.

         These Natas could speak and understand Hydranousian.

         How was this possible? Could they have evolved so much that they mastered a language they never heard? Most likely the Natas would encounter some of the criminals that were exiled here and, over time, assimilate the language. Where were the criminals now? Were they still wandering, or had they built a village for themselves?

         While the Supreme High One was thinking, the Natas began to move and form a circle around him. He was flanked in six different spots. They again began to throw the shafts of crystal poles at him. His physical barrier easily deflected all advances.

         I am not here to harm you, the Supreme High One stated. I come in peace. He hoped the Natas would stop and speak with him.

         You are not peaceful. You violate our minds with ugliness. You are not of Tra. You are tainted, one of the warriors stated.

         Tra? Is this what the Natas call themselves or is it a location? The Tra must have felt the Supreme High One's probing. How was that possible? He had masked his probe under several layers of defenses so he would not be noticed. He needed to let them know he is on a peaceful mission.

         I apologize for the mind probe. I did not know we could speak together. I am a traveler from far away. I would like to speak to your leader, the Supreme High One requested.

         Our Reincarnated Chosen does not speak to strangers. She is All-Knowing and prophesized that a stranger unlike us would be coming to seek her wisdom. She advised our warriors to be ready and seek you out and destroy you. We sent our best warriors to find and eliminate you. If you are here, they failed. We will not.

         The Tra began to use their weapons again. The Supreme High One noticed they were using long thin rods of crystal with what appeared to be a pliable type of stretched material tied to each end. They then placed a smaller rod across the larger one and against the pliable material. After stretching the material, while holding the smaller rod, they would release the shorter rod which flew out of their hands and toward whatever they were looking at. The speed was remarkable as was the aiming of the device. His physical defense barrier was keeping all of the rods from harming him. Without his barrier, he would have been One with the Planet by the second rod.

         After several attempts to get through his barrier, the Tra stopped. The Supreme High One again addressed the Tra who had spoken earlier.

         I will not use violence against you. As I stated, I come in peace to speak to your Reincarnated Chosen. I wish to find peace between us.

         The Reincarnated Chosen knows all. She is the wisest of us all. If you seek peace, you will need to speak to Her if is in Her Will. You will stay here while our fastest messenger seeks Her out for permission or death. With this, the apparent leader ordered one of the Tra to leave. The Supreme High One didn't understand the language being used. It sounded familiarly like the sounds he heard when he was here the first time.

         While waiting, he noticed he had not seen any Reres flying. He wondered where they were. The last time he was here, he would see them hunting throughout the sky. At that time, he only noticed the only source of food for the Rere was the Tra.

         Please excuse the interruption, how far is it to the palace of the Reincarnated Chosen?

         Far by foot. A runner is back by Glos. A much quicker way to move.

         What is a Glos?

         Glos is Glos. Travel faster than Tra. Travel above.

         Travel above? Do you mean travels in the sky? The Supreme High One asked while pointing up.

         Yes, travel above.

         The Tra looked in the direction where the messenger went. He then pointed and said, Many come back now. Colors have Reincarnated Chosen is coming too. He made a chirping noise and all of the other guards circled the Supreme High One again with weapons aimed at him.

         As the Tra got closer, he saw what appeared to be larger versions of the Rere. This must be the Glos he spoke of. They were easily twice as big as he remembered. The Tra must have trained the Glos to carry them.

         As they arrived, the Supreme High One saw at least twenty-four more guards and someone covered from head to toe in brightly colored feathers with brightly colored crystal shards.

         After touching the ground, the Glos bent down to allow the Tra to get off. They then gathered around the one in feathers. That must either be the Reincarnated Chosen or someone in her stead. As they approached, the Supreme High One reinforced his mental and physical barriers.

         Oddly, he did not feel any attempt to probe his mind. He did not probe the mind of the Reincarnated Chosen because they knew he was there in his attempt to probe the minds of the Tra earlier. So, he waited.

         When the group arrived, the feathered one stepped closer.

         You appear to be an Old One. Why did you come here?

         How did you know I am an Old One? I did not advise anyone, and I felt no mind probe.

         I know much about the Hydranousians and their history. Why are you here? Did the Elders send you? I assume you have felt my ability to destroy them through my will alone.

         So you are the one sending the Tra to terminate the Elders and guards. Why? I know of no attack from the Elders on your people. I strongly believe the Elders are unaware of your existence. They do not even know who the attackers are. I just learned they are called Tra.

         Of course, they have no idea who is attacking them. They, and the Supreme High One, are guilty of crimes against their people. Their Supreme High One is responsible for condemning his people to silence from the Collective and banishing them to my land. I hold him and the Elders guilty of treason against his people. His punishment will be the termination of his Elders and his silencing and banishment to a cage in my throne room for my amusement.

         I am allowing you to return and tell your Supreme High One if he turns himself in, I will spare his people from becoming One with the Planet. Further, I plan of bringing my people to his palace and surrounding area to live and govern. As you are now aware, my Tra is immune to your probes so you can not discover any plans. Further, the Supreme High One's belief that no one comes back from the North Quadrant is wrong. Deadly wrong.

         Who were you before coming here? You are a Hydranousian. Are you one of the banished ones or did you come here on your own?

         She doesn't know about the explosion or my disappearance.

         If I may, Reincarnated Chosen, the Supreme High One was killed some time ago. It is not known how, just that he disappeared and was presumed dead. No one could contact him mentally and there is no trace of him in the Collective. A new Supreme High One has not appeared. The Elders are in charge.

         He is One with the Planet? He's gone? He can not be. I have not had my revenge yet. You are not speaking the truth. If that is the truth, I will have my revenge on all of the Elders. Every last one of them. They can not defend themselves against my army. I have many squads waiting for their orders. I will send word today that they are to finish them at once.

         She then called ten guards and stated, Go to your squads and tell them to concentrate on the Elders. I want them terminated.

         You, Old One. I am releasing you today. Leave my kingdom at once. I shall have two squads watching you until you reach my border. If you stay, come back, or delay for any reason. I will order your demise.

         With this, the Reincarnated Chosen removed the covering of her hands and pulled off the hat and mask."


         It can't be.

         The Reincarnated Chosen was Eternity.

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