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After being caught, the Supreme High One becomes the pupil and does not like the lessons
Chapter Seventeen


147 Cycles P.E

         How could Eternity be the Reincarnated Chosen? He was not aware she possessed any of her past mental powers. He made sure his barriers were in place, and slowly began to probe her mind and memories again. He met the same barrier as before. Before he could more closely examine it, he saw three Glos approaching him from above. He fortified his physical barrier just as the first attempted to grab him from above. Confident his barrier would hold, he readied himself for the impact. Instead of crashing into the barrier, the Glos grabbed the Supreme High One and lifted him off the ground.

         Very much surprised, the Supreme High One began to struggle. As the Glos flies higher, he stopped struggling and attempted to focus. He couldn't. The claws were causing a tremendous amount of pain. The beast flew higher. He began to feel lightheaded and unable to focus. He lost track of his surroundings and soon became unaware.

         When he woke, he did not know where he was. He remembered the Glos flying, but not much after that. He then realized he was in a cage made from crystal. The crystals were the color of One with the Planet, but that was impossible. There were no crystals of that color in the mountains, he was sure of it. He reached out and touched one of the crystals and received a severe shock to his system.

         I see you noticed your new home. I hope you like it. It was designed specifically with you in mind. Did you enjoy my earlier performance of not recognizing you? Eternity said as she walked over to the cage. For you, there is no way out. Let me explain a few details of your new home. These crystals are not like anything you have experienced back home. They are only found in one cave here. As I found out, they are toxic to any Hydranousian who has any connection to the Collective or their powers. Gloated Eternity.

         How would you have found that out? You are not connected.

         Do you think just because you declared this quadrant off-limits no one would be interested in seeing what is up here? By making that decree, you invited them to come here. I have had several visitors over the years, mainly newly graduated Young Ones. A Young One by the name of Bzebulite was one of the first to explore the area and then over the cycles, more would trickle up here.

         The Supreme High One remembered Bzebulite. Another innocent was hurt because of him.

         Oh, I can see by your expression you knew him. Don't worry. He didn't last long in the cage. I discovered the more powerful the person, the longer they last in the cage. If you are as powerful as I think you are, we are going to have lots of fun for many cycles, Eternity laughed and then grew serious and began to speak, instead of amplifying powers like other crystals, these crystals dampen and siphon your powers. As you are connected to the Collective and have stored energy, you will eventually be terminated in a very painful process.

         The Supreme High One just stared at Eternity. He had never experienced or heard of such a thing. He attempted to contact the Collective and discovered he could not. He tried again but with more concentration and the result was the same. He then tried to make contact with his Essence and found that, too, was inaccessible.

         I see you are trying to make contact with the Collective and no doubt testing to see if what I said was true. Do not worry, it is, she laughed again, this time cruelly, now you see what you did to me. I was completely alone as I could no longer hear the Collective. To top that, you sent me here. Alone. You thought I would become One with the Planet. I did not.

         I did not wish you would become One with the Planet. You were a criminal for attempting to overthrow me and the Elders. Instead, I invited you to live in the palace and continue your life without being sent here. Instead of accepting that, you began to plan another uprising. At that point, you gave me no choice. That punishment was just. Explained the Supreme High One.

         Just? You have no idea what I felt when you sent me here. You have never experienced living without the Collective and not having access to one's powers. Since you are a captive audience, allow me to tell you what it was like and how I became the Reincarnated Chosen.

         When you teleported me here, I was in two places at once. I thought I was descending into Madness. I was incredibly dizzy. The pain was immense. I was certain I was becoming One with the Planet. I could still see the palace for a short time until it began fading. The image of the desert started to increase and became clearer until that was all I was seeing. I was here.

         The teleportation sickness did stop eventually. I was in the North Quadrant, alone and frightened. Nothing could have prepared me for the expansive emptiness of both my surroundings and my mind. I sank to my knees and passed out.

         When I became conscious, I noticed nothing had changed. I was still in the North Quadrant and had no idea which way to travel. I began to walk toward what appeared to be crystal formations. Because I was cut off from my essence, I could not enhance my vision or even increase my speed. I could do nothing with my mind, just think.

         As I began walking, I noticed some type of beast flying high in the sky. It appeared to be carrying something in its claws. While watching, I saw the life form still struggling. Despite what you may think, I do have feelings for others. I began to feel an emotion I have seldom felt before. I felt sorrow for the alien creature and was sad I could not assist.

         I then saw the flying one descend to the ground. When it got there, it began to try and eat the smaller creature. I witnessed the smaller creature fighting back against all odds. I ran toward the creature yelling and waving her arms. Once I got closer, I picked up a small crystal and threw it at the bigger creature on top. Even though I missed, the flying creature was startled, and it flew off, without the smaller one.

         When I arrived, I instantly saw the creature was soft, unlike Hydranousians. The form had upper appendages like us, but at the end of the upper appendage, there were smaller, more delicate-looking appendages. I then noticed the small creature had been badly hurt. As I never had the opportunity to take care of anyone, though I did want to be a Healer. Gnit talked me out of it. I did know, however, that I needed to stop the small creature from passing all of its life fluids. I placed my right appendage on a wound and pushed. The force caused a cry of pain from the smaller one. I lessened my strength to push lighter. It seemed to have worked because the small one did not yell out and the body fluid did not flow as easily as before.

         I needed to keep covering the opening to stop the flow. I did not know what to do. I thought about putting a piece of crystal on the wound to hold it down the wound. Before I went to look for a suitable crystal, I noticed some type of vegetation on the small one's body. When I bent down to look closer, I saw a small opening. With the size of my appendage and the frantic grab, I ripped the covering off. I suddenly had an idea.

         I placed the covering on the opening of the wound and took more of the vegetation and ripped some of it off to place on the other wounds to stop the leakage. When I had used up all the vegetation, I still had one more wound to cover. I decided to use the covering from the vegetation it was wearing and placed it on the uncovered wound. It stayed where I placed it and applied slight pressure on the wound. After pressing the wound briefly, I removed the pressure to see what the wound looked like.

         When I looked at the wounds, I saw there was no more leakage of the life fluids. I then tried to rouse the small one to try and communicate.

         'You, small one, wake up. I require information from you.' I softly started to gently shake the creature. At first, I thought the small creature had become One with the Planet when it did not rouse. I became upset because I had put much effort into fixing the wounds. How would I get the information regarding this land and how to get back to my home? I attempted to shake it one more time, this time a little harder. Success! The smaller creature opened its eyes. It then began making a lot of noise.

         "Ch-chir nim-o tk tk! Ch-chir nim-o tk tk!"

         I did not have any idea what the smaller creature was trying to say. 'I don't understand you. What are you saying? Speak Hydranousian'.

         The Young One stopped making the noises. It looked at me with wide eyes. It then spoke, 'You be Hydranousian? You be Reincarnated Chosen,' then promptly lay down prostrate in front of me.          

         'Do you speak my language? How is that possible? Who taught you? Can you take me to them?' I paused and then suddenly said, 'I'm who? What are you saying?'

         The small creature looked at me with respectful eyes and kept kneeling before me, 'You are be Reincarnated Chosen. Leader. You do you not remember us?'

         'No, I don't remember. What do you mean I am your Reincarnated Chosen? I have never heard that before. Is there someone else I can talk with? Where do you live? I demand you take me there.'

         'Of course, anything you want, I do. I am damaged. We will travel slowly until the others see us. He then got up and began hobbling as his appendage was broken. Please, this way, Reincarnated Chosen.'

         After walking for a while, I asked the creature what the animal that attacked him was.

         'That was Tra. Tra attacks our villages and takes the unwary away. I was gathering when one spotted me. I did not hear the call to flee. I was caught. You saved me. You are Reincarnated Chosen. You must be injured. At your home, you will get better.'

         The Supreme High One listened to Eternity's tale. He could not believe what she just told him. He could not determine the truth while he was inside the crystal cage. He would try again to reach his essence and power but needed to distract her.

         If this is true, how did you end up here? Who, or what, was the Reincarnated One before you? That creature was a Tra?

         You don't listen well when you are scheming to touch your powers.

         The Supreme High One thought how did she know that is what he was doing? Did she get her powers back? If so, how?

         You fool. I don't have any powers except what I have acquired over the many cycles I have been here. I have acquired a keen sense of observation. I read your face and actions, not your mind. You have never changed since the last time we saw each other. I have. Eternity gloated.

         My mind has become more organized and disciplined since you first examined it. While I do not possess any barriers, I have disciplined my mind to the point where I am aware of everything around me and any changes that might occur. I also have much more heightened senses than you. My hearing, vision, and sense of touch are much more acute. I have adapted to my new environment. Instead of relying on Essence and powers, I rely on myself alone, without the use of powers.

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