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The best way to defeat the opponent is to give her what she wanted
                             Chapter Twenty-One
                                                 Deja Vu

147 Cycles P.E

         After the glow dissipated, the Supreme High One began to wake. He slowly rose and stood upright. He looked and the shards scattered on the ground around him and tentatively picked one up. There was no trace of the power that was previously within them. He threw the shard down and looked for the window. He easily found it and saw the mysterious stranger looking directly at him. It raised its upper appendage and held its palm toward the Supreme High One. His was the sign of peace, as all Hydranousians use this sign as the hand goes over the third eye to represent no energy beams would be used. In response, the Supreme High One copied the gesture

         There was a sudden noise coming from the direction of the cave's entrance as more Tra were entering with their weapons drawn. He saw the tips of their crystal weapons were the color Sound of the Suns. The Supreme High One reached out immediately to connect with the Collective, placed his protective shields up, and fortified them. He began to run toward the entrance.

         The Tra began shooting him with their weapons. Without the crystals, the Color of One with the Planet, all projectiles bounced harmlessly off the barrier. This gave the Supreme High One confidence to keep running toward the opening. As he grew closer, he was met by several more Tra guards along with Eternity.

         Eternity stood speechless. Her once impervious cage lay in ruins. All crystals the Color of One with the Planet have turned the color of the Sound of the Suns and lost all of the dark powers. She saw still unconscious Tras scattered throughout her throne room. And a very mad-looking Supreme High One coming toward her, ignoring the attack of the Tras.

         Still hiding behind your Tras? Where is their quick-witted leader? Sending them to attack me hoping for one of them to get lucky?

         You still do not understand what is happening here, fool. I am the beloved Reincarnated Chosen, and you are the enemy.

         The Supreme High One was growing angry because Eternity was right. He couldn't hurt the Tras for following their orders to protect their leader. But he could blame Eternity for allowing her personal feelings to get in the way of protecting the Tras, her subjects. It was time for her to see the bigger picture again.

         The Supreme High One began opening a connection to the Collective. He made sure his barriers were up and secured. He focused on Eternity and removed the Silence. He knew what was going to happen.

         Eternity was watching the Tra attack the Supreme High One with their shafts of crystal. While they were not penetrating the shield, they were causing the already weak Supreme High One to strain with his barriers. While focusing on the barrier the Tra were attacking, a sudden and pervasive noise occurred. The sudden noise along with the mental weight of the intrusion caused her to sink to her knees.

         Stop! Eternity cried out. The overwhelming noise was all she could hear and bare. After a few moments on her knees, she remembered what she was hearing. It was the Collective with everyone's thoughts, conversations, and secrets all coming in at once. She covered her ears and tried to get away from the noise but that did not help her situation.

         The Supreme High One did this. He is the only one who could have reversed what he originally did to her by Silencing her. Why? Why did he give her the powers back? Did he reconsider her punishment unjustly? Did he regret the pain he caused? Did time in the cage change him?

         No, Eternity. It is none of those. I gave you your powers because the Tra were blindly following you. I think I figured out why they addressed you as their Reincarnated Chosen.

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