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The progress achieved is through hard work and changing on the fly - a sports poem.
A peaceful, happy village,
The massive effort, pride -
Digging deep for relevance,
Looking way inside.
Competency willing,
Fraught with volatility;
Knowing it’s unhampered,
Won’t feel some fragility.

Lost in each vicinity
Of dubious surmise;
Perhaps the common decency,
The manufactured prize!
Step in time while feeling sharp -
Propose nice, timed regressions…
Hope for surge, propensities.
Utilize progressions…

Hope might seem eternal,
For robust attitudes
Can find a new significance;
Pressing on for vicissitudes…
Leaning on those church bells
No one hears are ringing
Can bite the feet of hummingbirds -
Bluebirds flight, not singing!

Forceful surge is penniless,
So veritable in gains!
It precludes the sanctity -
Stagnant are the pains…
Stay within your comfort zone
When you’re down and shallow;
Training discs are beneficial
When the ground’s not fallow…

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