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by Louisa
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What it feels like to unwind in a place as calming as the beach
I sat on the soft, moist sand with my legs outstretched as I allowed the surprisingly warm waters of the almost transparent ocean to engulf me, tasting a tinge of saltiness in my mouth. The fierce wind was tossing and turning my messy hair in all sorts of directions, but that was of little inconvenience to me in this mesmerising moment.

Feeling brave, I dunked my head into the inviting sea, running my hand along the smooth pebbles laying below. The further I swam, the more I saw. A school of multi coloured fish were swimming past, some of them staring at me with curious expressions. There was a row of intriguing looking corals to my right and long flowing seaweed brushing against my legs on the left.

When the water began getting chilly, I surfaced with my hair dripping wet and made my way to the dryer parts of the beach, occasionally stabbing my foot on a seashell, a differently shaped and sized one each time. Flapping above me in the wind were broad, healthy green leaves from the thick stemmed palm trees dotted throughout the beach. Their towering height felt more fascinating rather than frightening. It reminded me of where I was, and all the responsibilities I didn’t have to take on while I was here.

The air here was the fresh kind that only the outdoors could grant you. I was filling my lungs with several gulps of this when a family of four came to share this pleasant view with me, navigating their way through crumbled sandcastles and various other beautiful sandy creations, soon to be washed away by the tide. Their excited voices broke the continuous white noise of the overlapping waves I’d been silently listening to. A part of me was slightly disappointed now that I didn’t have the beach all to myself.

My thoughts were cut short by an obnoxious squawk from above. A lone seagull was soaring above the horizon, across a mystical orange to purple ombre in the sky. If you were to peer closely, you could just barely make out a glowing ball of light slowly dipping in the distance. The day was ending, and so was my wonderful little getaway, but I was just happy to have made the most of today.
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