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Talking about a bad date leads to a date with your crush Bucky
I rush to my room, hoping no one would be present to see me still fuming in anger. Unfortunately, things don't always work out how I want them to...

"Hey Callie. What are you doing back so early honey? Aren't you supposed to be on a date?" Nat called from the lounge.

"I don't want to talk about it..." I mumble as I try to make my way to my bedroom. Natasha, Steve, and Wanda are on the couch, obviously setting up to have a movie night.

"Ok, next time, someone else goes out to buy the pizza. Maybe someone who isn't hated by the public," Bucky calls out as he steps off the elevator and walks to the lounge with 3 boxes of pizza in his hands. His eyes shoot up when he notices me in the lounge. " What are you doing here, doll? Though you had a spiffy date or something?"

"I just came back... I don't want to talk about it," I mumble again, clasping my handbag to my side. "I think I'm just going to bed."

"What's wrong Callie? Did he hurt you or something?" Steve stands up and slowly grasps my shoulders as worry filled his eyes.

"No, it's nothing like that..."

"Then what's wrong? If he said something or tried something, you just tell us, and we'll take care of him. Promise doll." Bucky passes the pizza to Nat to put on the table.

I sigh in defeat knowing they aren't going to stop asking me until I admit the truth. Subconsciously my fists clench as I think back on the evening. "He took me deer hunting. On the first date!" I hear Wanda gasp as I continue, the words pouring out of my mouth with venom. "Who does that? I mean, I get that some weird people like doing that for sport, but you can't just accept that everyone is fine with hunting innocent animals! He didn't even ask me if I would be ok with that!" I gasp for breath then exhale slowly, trying to calm my racing heart.

"That asshole!" Wanda exclaims. "Didn't you put it on your profile that you are an animal lover?"

"I did, I mentioned it multiple times on my profile. He obviously couldn't even take a few minutes to read through it," I sigh as I go and sit between the two women, putting my bag on the floor. Bucky and Steve move to sit opposite me.

"So what did you do? How did you stop him from shooting anything?" Blue eyes find my own as I glance at Bucky before answering his question.

"How do you know I did something?"

"Come on doll, no chance in hell are you going to let an animal be shot in front of you. We know you too well."

He's right, we all know each other too well. In the past few months, Bucky and I had become great friends, our conversations changing from simple greetings to deep conversations in the dead of night when sleep eluded the both of us.

"I told him that I don't support hunting but he just said that I'd get warmed up to the idea. So when he spotted a doe, he told me to be very quiet as he readied the shot. So... I opened my window just as I had an accidental sneezing fit". They all laugh in unison before I continued, "He was quite angry when missed his shot. I told him that I was feeling sick and if he didn't want me to throw up in his fancy truck then he should take me home."

"Good girl," Bucky says, his eyes twinkling with humor as he smiles at me.

"I mean, what crazy guy takes a woman hunting on their first date? Bucky, if you took me on a date, what would we do?" I ask matter of factly. I normally wouldn't have the courage to ask him something like this, but I need to know how a good man would treat me.

"Your favourite Wolf Sanctuary is having an evening walk this entire week. I'd take you there for a picnic, then cheesecake at that cafe you love." His reply is so fast, I know he must have been thinking about it for a while. His face pales as he realises what he just said. "Shit, please tell me I didn't say that out loud." He groans as he pinches his brow. Steve pats his shoulder softly in support.

"You thought about taking me on a date? Me personally?" I ask him, forgetting about all the people around us.

"I..." Bucky clears his throat and takes a steady breath, "Yes I have." He rubs the back of his neck with his right hand, eyes meeting mine shyly. "I've just been too nervous to ask you..."

I stand up quickly and grab my bag, feeling his eyes on me. "Well come on Sarge. That sounds like the perfect date." I grab Bucky's vibranium hand pulling him to the door. "Don't wait up guys," I shout to the others as we enter the elevator.

"Are you sure about this doll? I don't want to take advantage of you after your bad date." Bucky asks softly fingers grasping my own.

"Hell yeah, I've been hoping you would make a move for months. I'm not letting you get away from me now Barnes."

Bucky laughs in my ear as I lift my hands and wrap them around his neck. He's so tall he has to bend down to get closer to me. "You better be careful doll. Keep talking like that and I'm going to end up marrying you."

"Not until the fourth date" I whisper as Bucky leans down further and kisses me, making it the best night ever.


The sweet kiss between you and Bucky is abruptly halted when the elevator stops on the main floor. Reluctantly, the two of you separate from each other and exit the building. You shiver with anticipation while praying you won't make a fool of yourself on this date. You still can't believe Bucky had planned on asking you out before you had your bad date.

"Come on, doll. Why don't you climb into the car while I make a quick call?" Bucky opens the door for you and waits while you get comfortable. "I'll just be a minute."

"Oh, sure. Everything ok?" Maybe you were pushing him too fast? Or maybe he hadn't really planned on taking you out?

"Yeah, just have to get the plans into action," Bucky says as he winks at you, making you giggle. There's the ladies' man Steve kept bragging about. Maybe the real Bucky was a mix of his two selves, the man young man he was before he the war and the man he became after surviving everything Hydra put him through.

He steps away and quickly makes a phone call. Only a few seconds pass before he climbs in and starts the car. His right hand grabs yours softly as he exits the parking garage. "Are you sure you want to do this? With me, I mean?"

"Of course, Bucky! I can't wait to spend my evening with you. Are we still heading to the Wolf Sanctuary?" You are so eager to spend your evening with him that you can't keep from smiling.

He nods as he slips into traffic. "I just have to make a quick stop first."

You gasp when you see that Bucky has parked in front of your favourite small café a few minutes later. He smiles at your bewildered expression. "I need to grab our picnic basket."

You notice Nonna Isabella struggling out her entry door with a big basket and before you can blink, Bucky is at her side and takes it from her. You slowly exit the car as The Avengers' adopted grandma walks closer to you, Bucky trailing behind her.

"Y/N, my bella! I can't believe you two are finally out on a date. I thought I'd be in the grave before this happened, with how slow this pretty boy was moving." She gives you a big hug, squeezing you tight.

"I'm not a pretty boy Nonna. I'm over 100 years old." Bucky mumbles over Nonna's shoulder.

"You'll always be my pretty boy, right bella?" You nod to her in agreement, giggling at the uncomfortable look in Bucky's eyes.

"Good thing age is just a number in Bucky's case, Nonna. He looks good for over a hundred."

Bucky groans in frustration as he mumbles about keeping you two apart for his sanity. "Nonna, here you go." You watch as Bucky tries to give her money, but she refuses to take it.

"You know your money is no good here my bambino. Not after everything you did for me." She kisses Bucky on the cheek and you have to suppress your giggle as you watch Bucky slip the money into Nonna's small clutch. He moves so carefully, you know she won't see the money until later in the evening. She gives you another hug as Bucky puts the basket in the backseat.

"I just want you two to enjoy yourselves," Nonna says as Bucky walks you to your seat and opens the door for you.

"Thank you, Nonna, you're my angel." He gives her a soft hug and walks her back into the café.

"You two have fun!" She shouts from the café as you two pass and wave at her.

"So, what was that about?" You ask as Bucky continues to drive. At the bewildered look on his face, you continue, "Nonna said she wouldn't take your money with everything you've done for her?"

You watch Bucky as he glances away from you. Before he starts to explain, you interrupt. "And no down downplaying it. She loves us all, so to be her 'bambino' you must have done something big..."

Bucky glances at you again, before he sighs and taps his fingers on the steering wheel. "Alright... Nonna was having some trouble with a bad biker gang. They wanted her to start paying them a fee, as according to them, she was doing business in their territory. Which is absurd as she's been at that café for over thirty years. One night, after we came back from a mission, I was restless and no matter what I did, I couldn't assuage the feeling. I went for a walk outside, spotted her closing up the café and went to say hi. She was so distraught that it took me a while to understand what was happening. The following week when her payment was due, I sent her to the back and had a friendly chat with the gang. Told them she was my family and after some convincing... they agreed not to bother her or any of the nice building owners in the area again. It was all nice and civil, you know me," he chuckled.

"Uh huh, you just had a friendly talk..." Just the thought of Bucky having a friendly talk with gang members, has you giggling before you continue, "You're so sweet Bucky. Helping them like that. I can't believe you didn't tell any of us, though." You playfully punch him on the shoulder. "We could have helped you."

"It was fine, doll. I can handle myself. They were just a bunch of morons who got in way over their heads. I just showed them their place."

"That's a really nice thing you did, Sarge." You softly run your hand over his muscular forearm, seeing the uncomfortable look on his face. "You don't like getting praise, do you?"

You watch him squirm in his seat. "Uh, I just do what any man would do. Here we are..." Bucky grabs the picnic basket, and both of you enter the sanctuary. Having been there often before, you and Bucky head to the large Mexican Wolf pack in the middle of the sanctuary. You notice a large group of excited people huddled together at the viewing area.

"Damn, I hate being short. Can you see what all the fuss is about?" You try to look past the people, trying to get a glimpse of something but since you arrived late, there is no way you could see anything. As tall as Bucky is, he stands out heads above the others.

"Seems like the wolf cubs are playing. They're pouncing on each other. Why don't you try and get a glimpse from the front, doll?"

"No, no, there are old ladies and children in front! I'm not going to squeeze past them. I'm not so heartless, Bucky," You mock him. "I'm sure they'll post it on their Instagram page later. I'll just have a look then." You can't help but be a little sad at the loss of opportunity, but you plaster on a smile for Bucky's sake.

"Why don't you climb on my back?" Bucky looks you over when you snort at his suggestion. "Ah, guess your pretty dress will be a problem in that situation."

"Yeah, I prefer not flashing everyone tonight," you blush at the heated look Bucky gives you.

"You're right, doll. I won't like that either. I'm not one for sharing..." His eyebrow raises as an idea pops into his head. "Do you trust me, Y/N?" The look in his eyes shows you he's not just talking about this moment.

"Of course, Bucky. I trust you with my life." The most beautiful smile fills his face, happy at your answer. You know how important trust is to Bucky, always having his past in the back of his mind.

He places the basket on the floor next to him. "I've got a plan. I know this sounds strange, but I need you to cross your legs and grab onto my shirt collar." You cross your legs as he bends down next to you. You grasp his shirt, holding on tightly before he places his metal forearm under your butt. He slowly straightens up, holding onto your crossed thigh as you sit on his bicep like it was a seat, your stomach parallel to his head making you see far into the distance, above everyone else. Gasping, you clutch his shirt as you watch the cubs play with each other.

"Bucky, this is amazing! I can see everything up here. Jeez, you tall people are so fortunate!" You softly exclaim, wonder filling your voice, Bucky chuckling next to you. The next second concern fills your voice, "Aren't I too heavy? You can put me down, I've seen the cubs thanks!"

"Please, doll, I can lift a car with my normal arm. You feel like a pack of sugar on my bionic arm. Have a good look. See that cub on the right? He's going in for a sneak attack any second now..."

You both watch as the small cub wiggles its butt in the air, nose pressed down in the grass as it slowly crawls closer to its family. The mother wolf glances in his direction, making him freeze on the spot, then huffs and turns around. She makes a soft howl when the wolf cub pounces and lands in front of her, further away than planned, his mission failed. The mother wolf falls down, pretending that his attack was a success.

A giggle forms from the crowd at the little cub's antics. Bucky meets your eyes as you both laugh, a moment passing between the two of you. A moment that is embarrassingly cut short when your stomach gurgles. Bucky tries to hold in his laugh but fails to, laughing at your reddened cheeks.

"It's not funny, Barnes!" You scoff at him on the head softly. "We were out for hours with his stupid hunting attempt, and all I got was one small cup of coffee!" You wiggle on his arm.

"All right, all right. Guess I need to be a better date and feed you, huh?" He softly bumps his head on your stomach before straightening. "Ready to come down and have some food?"

"Yes, please!"

Bucky slowly bends down to a crouch, making it easy for you to step off his arm. He grabs your hand and picks up the picnic basket, pulling you to a secluded spot close to the waterfall. Wolves run around, swimming and drinking from it, giving you two a perfect viewpoint.

Being the gentleman that Bucky is, he quickly throws a blanket down on the grass and gives you a hand to help you sit down before joining you.

"For your dining pleasure today, we have a variety of your favourite foods specially made for you," Bucky says in a humorous waiter voice as he unpacks the basket. "We have corndogs, mini quiches, brie and fig parcels, croissants and chicken kebabs." He points to each dish as he names them. "We also have some fresh fruit, your favourite sparkling wine, and lastly..." he holds up a large container and shows you what is inside.

"Chicken strips! Yes! I love crumbed chicken strips. Nonna definitely makes the best ones... they're just the right ratio of chicken to crumb coating and she manages to make them extra crunchy but not too much, so it doesn't hurt your palate, you know? Sometimes when you eat them elsewhere you can't even taste the chicken. Did you know she adds sesame seeds to the crumb to give it that smoky taste? And--" you stop mid-sentence when you see Bucky's small smile. "Sorry I'm rambling, you don't want to hear me babble about chicken strips..." You can feel your cheeks heat up with embarrassment. So much for playing it cool in front of the guy you like.

"No, doll. Please don't stop, I like the fact that you're comfortable enough around me to talk about normal things. At the tower, everyone is always choosing their words so carefully, like their afraid I'm going to break. If they even bother talking to me, some Shield agents just look at me then run away screaming..." You follow his line of sight and notice he's fidgeting with the edge of the basket, his eyebrows drawn down.

"It's just because they don't know you Bucky. They know the soldier but not the man inside." Your hand grasps his in comfort.

"Are you sure-" He clears his throat before he continues. "Are you sure about being here with me? With everything I've done..." he lifts up his metal hand, "with this?"

"Of course Bucky. What happened in the past, that wasn't you. And as for the metal arm? It grew on me... I think it's kind of sexy."

Bucky doesn't reply but you notice the small smile he's trying to hide. He starts opening all the containers for the picnic.

"So, apparently the camembert and fig parcel needs to be eaten hot, so I think we can start with that?" He quickly opens the sparkling wine and pours it into plastic glasses, passing one to you.

The two of you spend hours just talking and eating, getting lost in each other's company when one of the sanctuary's staff members walks around and asks the two of you if you would like to buy a Wolf Plushie. Glancing at your eager face, Bucky tells you to pick one out. After careful consideration, you pick a white wolf plushie that has blue eyes.

"This one is perfect thanks," you say as Bucky pays the man. "He reminds me of you..."

Bucky snorts as he replies, "I don't know who you're thinking about, but I think if I was a wolf, I'd most likely be a black wolf, given that I am a brunette. The eyes fit at least."

"Oh, crap! I guess you're right. I must be thinking about Steve," you mock as you throw a grape at him. "I thought you were called the White Wolf, Sarge? Or am I thinking about someone else?"

"You got me there. Guess it does fit me in that regard. I don't even know why they called me that..."

"I think it's cute! They have the Black Panther so why not add a White Wolf as a different protector? No wonder I like you Barnes, you know I love wolves..."

"Yeah... you do. Think you can learn to love this White Wolf too?" He pulls out the last container in the basket, "I did after all get your favourite cheesecake for you..."

"You know what? I think I already love him. I think he just might be my favourite."

Bucky holds onto your waist as he slowly pulls you closer before his mouth meets yours in a passionate kiss. In the distance, the wolves begin to howl to the moon, their call a melody serenading you in love.

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