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Peggy kept pecking at keys, but nothing appeared on her screen.

“The computer is broken!” She finally declared as if defeated in battle.

“Are you sure? It’s pretty new.” I sat in the cubicle next to her and was the constant recipient of all her complaints.

“For pity sake, George, I’ve been trying to get a page done for hours. I hit a key. Nothing! I reboot the computer. Nothing!”

I could hear her pounding the keys, her loud sighs.

I rolled my chair to her cube. “Tell you what, why don’t you take a break. Go outside, take a walk around. Smell the fresh air, listen to the birds. I’ll take a look at this computer.”

“Really? Oh thanks.” And off she flew.

About an hour later Peggy came flying back to her cube nest. I was still at work.

“You really broke it, Peg. I can’t get it to work either.”

“I think I know the problem.” Out of her pocket came a small flash drive.

“Are you kidding? I’ve been goofing around here for an hour, and all I needed was that bloody thumb drive?”

Her guilty grin came with an apology. “Yeah, well sorry. I forgot Henry gave me this yesterday. It’s the key to the project.”

“Huh. Good thing you remembered before we trashed your machine.”

“Oh, I didn’t remember. A little birdie told me.” She settled into her seat, inserted the drive then happily started working, with a little whistle.

“Right. Okay, I’ve got to do my own work. Good luck.”

The rest of the day I heard that birdie sing, little whistles from the other side of the cubicle.

At quitting time I rolled over to check on Peggy, but she’d already left. Lying on her chair was a feather. Curious.

W/C 298

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