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by fyn
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We mustn't forget
Myths moving through the mists of time
ever-changing, becoming more.
Holding fast to far beginnings,
and yet, evolving, becoming more.

Ancient stories drawn from bloodlines told
a passing down, a legacy
yet changed, reflecting old and new:
each generation holds a legacy.

Mists swirl the myths of time
into threads new tapestries to weave.
Ancient bloodlines draw yet new tales
so it is and so we weave.

Lessons taught need be remembered
lest we fall, lest we forget.
Histories are our formation--
change destinies, but don't forget.

An accumulation of all before us
choosing to learn, choosing to grow,
lets us evolve, start new beginnings
building beyond pasts by choosing to grow.

Remembered lessons teach to the future,
each historic thread spun strong and true,
colored and dyed to form the patterns
that tell our stories strong and true.


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