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Daily Flash Fiction 11/28/22 W/C 300

It was the headline in the newspaper tonight. Big bold letters:


No other information or clues. Nothing to let you know what the crime was, who was involved, or when the crime was committed.


The talking heads on the news channel started the conversation.

“Where were you last night Mary?”John looked at his co-anchor.

Mary gazed into the camera, “Where do you think I was, John? I was home. With my lovely family, where I should be. And you were where?” She turned to stare accusingly at him.

“I think it’s time for the weather, right Mark?”

Mark stood in front of the cold front coming down from Alberta, Canada. “Right you are, you two. For the record, I was outside last night watching that meteor shower we mentioned last night.”

Harry the sports anchor picked up the ball and started to run with the story. “Are there pictures of you watching those falling stars, huh? I, for one, was in the ice hockey arena watching U of M slaughter U of B on the ice. So that big murder was committed about 10 PM last night. It was ugly. I do have pictures to prove it.”

John interrupted the interaction. “Alrighty. I think it’s time for a word from our sponsors. We’ll be back in a flash, folks.” And the cameras switched to local ads about cars, hot tubs, groceries and the lottery.

“Murder on the ice? Falling stars? Family time? People, we have real news to deliver to people. Let’s get a grip and be professional,” John growled at his team then switched to his on-air voice. “Thanks folks. So the big talk tonight…
‘Where were you when the crime was committed?’ Send us your pictures and stories.”
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