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recovery thinking about my anniversary
I came to believe
I came to believe one day I had a wake-up call realizing I had an addiction problem that was killing me
I came to believe it wasn't just a bad habit I needed to quit
I came to believe that I just couldn't walk away
Because life would happen, stress would happen, and then soon and very soon I would be off to the races
I would be using than abusing again
So I came to believe that I needed a Higher Power I chose to call him God
I chose to believe that maybe just maybe a 12-step program could help me you see
I tried my way lots and lots of times
However, to stop and stay stopped forever you see just wasn't going to happen for me without some extra help
So I work my program, attend many meetings, and use the tools in my toolbox now I am 4 years clean
I thank the Lord for this because I believe this time I can stay quit.
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